Clementine and Crawford

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I'm very much of the mindset that you should make choices in games based on instinct and not look up the best course of action. But I care about Clementine too damn much and I don't know if I should bring her to Crawford or not.

On one hand it seems extremely dangerous.

And on the other, she might get kidnapped by that stalker while I'm away.

Without getting too specific, anyone got any advice?

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I took her. But my guess is that she'll make her way there regardless of what you decide.

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Follow your heart, duder!

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I brought her. Also, just in general:

Fuck Ben. I really hope this is the trip that kills that useless whiny fuck.

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Has anyone gone through Crawford WITHOUT Clem?

Can you even kill the zombie that attacks Molly? I reloaded about 3 times after I shot her once and failed to hit it twice, even though I lined up a shot and should have hit it. After that, I just assumed it was impossible to actually kill it and save Molly. I know that Clem saves her if you bring her with you to Crawford, but I left her at the house.
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@Lukeweizer I left Clem at home. There are no children allowed in Crawford, so it made no sense to me. I left her a gun to defend herself though.

And you can shoot the zombie yourself. At least you can if you leave Clem behind, but I doubt that makes a difference (since none of the choices seem to in that game).
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Clementine is always safest with Lee. I figured leaving her alone is more dangerous. I play the game like I would make decisions in real life. If I had to take care of a child, I would take them out as much a possible. This would be for me to keep an eye on them and for them to be used to the apocalyptic world. For instance, she has only fired a weapon in combat because she went with the group to gather supplies.

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I left here there..I had no idea what might happen if those Crawford assholes got their hands on her...

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