Did I get the save import bug in Episode 2?

#1 Posted by smcn (949 posts) -

Episode 1 and early episode 2 spoilers follow!

So, I went into episode 2 right after finished episode 1. The "Previously on" correctly showed all the choices I remember making.

However, Kenny seems to think I didn't help him when Larry wanted to get rid of Duck. Specifically, when they come to the dairy farm Kenny says "you didn't seem to care about Duck when Larry wanted to throw him out on the street". What really happened in episode 1 was, I said "let's reason with him (Larry)", and then when he didn't back down I stood up to him and told him he'd have to go through me first.

Did my save not import correctly, or is Kenny just mad I didn't side with him immediately in that situation?

#2 Posted by Terramagi (1168 posts) -

Your save is fine. Kenny is a man of black and white.

Fuck him.

#3 Posted by Baillie (4580 posts) -

Kenny is never, ever happy.

#4 Posted by smcn (949 posts) -

@Terramagi: Thanks for the quick response. Yeah, it would be nice to have a (kind of) doctor around, but Duck is super annoying. I hope they decide to take off.

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