Did you guys notice the references? Whitta definitely wrote this.

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Minor spoilers?

When Molly gives you the ice pick, she and Lee directly quote Return of the Jedi. "She won't get a scratch, I promise." "I got your promise - not a scratch."

And then when they're jumping the roofs the chicken line and Lee's responses are Back to the Future references. Or seem to be, at least.

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I definitely picked up on the BttF reference with the "chicken" line. It got a laugh out of me. Well played, Whitta.

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There was another reference I got, but I don't remember, It was with Molly also. Also I hope Molly returns in a future episode, if not this season.

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Don't forget Ben saying "I have a bad feeling about this" definitely a Star Wars reference.

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"I got a bad feeling about this."

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LOTS of "shoot that guy" moments

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This episode had a lot of cheesy one-liners and random expletives sprinkled in. I'm pretty sure I face plamed more than once.

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Guys, just because people say something that was said in a movie dosen't make it a reference.

Edit: I meant in regards to "a bad feeling about this"

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