Does anyone know of a save generator?

#1 Posted by granderojo (1897 posts) -

Where I can just enter in the choices of what I did and it create a save that I had to drop in? Everytime the game updates with a new episode I've lost my progress and this is getting mighty frustrating.

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With this thread being the third hit on google for "the walking dead save generator" I bet there isn't one. I myself effed up and thought this game had cloud saves, which it turns out it didn't. Guess I'll have to play through those episodes again (not that they're bad, but I found that last time when I tried replaying episode 1 it didn't branch as much as I thought it would).

#3 Posted by granderojo (1897 posts) -

My save games are in my save folder, but The Walking Dead refuses to see the save games in my save folder. FFFFFUUUUU

#4 Posted by flufflogic (321 posts) -

That's an issue with the prefs.prop files not being the same in both the saves folder and game folder. Sadly, the fix doesn't always work, and it just wiped out all my progress. I was half an hour from finishing episode 3. No fix method has worked for me, so I have to restart.

#5 Posted by themaster408 (78 posts) -

I had it mess up on the PS3 after finishing it and on my 2nd playthrough (being a jerk). I want season 2, so I bought S1 on PC just now hoping for save edits. Didn't think to look that up first.

#6 Posted by Filch (34 posts) -

Just found out my save is corrupted. There is no way I'm going to replay through Season 1 again, but I can't bring myself to start Season 2 without having my choices. This is frustrating.

#7 Posted by mrduncan (12 posts) -

Same thing happened to me today. I got all the way to ep 4, i'm fuming.

Its the second time its happened aswell, i'm not one to bash developers but nearly two years after its release and still broken? caamaaaan guys

#8 Posted by Herk (213 posts) -

My macbook just died from water damage and I'm now buying a pc.

Is there ANY way to download a save from someone else or has a save generator finally been created?

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