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Wow. Just finished the 1st episode and either I'm getting soft or games are getting much more rugged. There are certain parts of the game where I was going "Awe man, I can't believe I'm doing this.". It's not a gore thing but a hard choices thing. Especially when making life and death decisions when you only have split seconds. Well done Telltale. Well done.

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Yup, though I appreciate the timed dialogue less when it's not those save one or the other parts, like just taking to people etc. I have a hard time even reading all the options and understanding what will be said let alone feeling comfortable with choosing something to say. I restarted an area once cause I miss-interpreted one line cause all I could do was glance and choose it, and I got that really bad feeling you get when your in game character says something you really disagree with and think is out of character for how you're wanting to play etc.

Light spoiler, just talking candidly about characters.

I'm kinda wishing I'd killed that chicks Dad when I had the chance, after saving his life and all that stuff he leaves me to die and then continues to be a bitch to Lee? Dude is more than ill-tempered he's a dickhead. I don't care what you hear about someone, if the zombies are coming and you're with a dude that seems completely reasonable and is saving children and others and shit... you don't hold a grudge cause you read about a story on him on tv or whatever... yup, I might just start a new game to see if I actually can kill him. Maybe kill him in a few different ways? :)
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Choices were indeed great! With the fast timing aswell, I even made decisions i really regretted. Just like in life! Bravo Telltale! I think they really captured the essence of the novels and the show...and zombie apocolypse life in general!

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