Finally played The Walking Dead

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It's taken me so long to get around to it because I tried the PS3 demo 4 times, hated the control system and put it down.

Then, as I wanted to be able to listen to what was obviously going to be extensive discussion of the game on the upcoming Bombcasts, I decided to give it a go on the iPad, where I played through the entire first chapter which revealed just how unrepresentative of the product the PS3 demo had been. Enjoyed it immensely.

Then along came the Steam Sale and I ended up buying the series on PC.Three days later I finally finished it, and MAAAAN!

I remember listening to the podcasts where the guys were all "Aww, man I'm messed up after playing the end of The Walking Dead" and at the time thought "what a bunch of babies!" But having played through the entire thing I have to say the end of that game effed me up good and proper! What a journey. I had to have a break for about half an hour before I was in a fit state to do ANYTHING. Damn!

Anyway, at least now I can listen to the Game of the Year deliberations knowing that I've now played all of the games that I have any interest in them not spoiling for me.

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