Has playing TWD made you feel more decisive in real life?

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#3 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7468 posts) -

Haha. Not really. This isn't the zombie apocalypse and most decisions aren't made on a visible timer.

#4 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Sounds lame, but I think games in general have helped me be more decisive in real life. Can't pause life to go over every possible outcome, though I wish in certain situations a [...] option was available to me.

#5 Posted by sickVisionz (1299 posts) -

Not in the least.

#6 Posted by Humanity (12886 posts) -

It's a powerful ending but I don't think a video game has ever influenced my real life in any significant way.

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I was always a decisive person so decisive Ill decide for you.

If I ask you a question such as "Want to go out on Friday?" and you ummmm and ahhh for just long enough, I will saying "You didn't answer me straight away and you still haven't decided, that's a no then." and if they argue with like "Hey I never actually said." I can easily say "So your saying yes." and they always reply "well no." with me going "See I told you, you answered me by not answering. Its a no."

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Always hit 1.

#9 Posted by TheHT (13054 posts) -

Mass Effect is the only game to truly have that affect on me.

I should go.

#10 Posted by steelharrison (121 posts) -

I wouldn't go as far as to say the game changed my decision making after I was done with it. But I will say while making decisions I realized what kind of person I was when it came down to those virtual situations.

#11 Posted by Claude (16636 posts) -

Nah, but I do think about climbing shit, driving like mad or shooting some shit up sometimes. Good thing I quickly decide not to do that.

#12 Posted by Live2bRighteous (332 posts) -

@Claude: You gotta love that urge to just climb something though.

#13 Posted by Starks94 (33 posts) -

I never thought about it until now. Maybe it will. I'll check in about a week

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