How good is this game on the Iphone/Ipad?

#1 Posted by StevetheRadroach (74 posts) -

It's got some not to good reviews of it crashing and not keeping save games, anybody know if that's legitimate?

#2 Posted by Kerned (1183 posts) -

Possible technical issues aside, I really think that this game is meant to be played sitting on your couch, on your TV. The story has such spectacular moments, I really think it would lose something on a handheld or a tablet.

#3 Posted by JYoung (189 posts) -

I just played through the whole thing on Iphone 4, because I had leftover Apple Store credit, and it was completely serviceable. I think I had one lockup, in Episode 1, and I had to go back a checkpoint once because it chose a different dialogue option than I touched, but those are only two instances over the span of the whole game. It would take an extra second to load every scene, and you definitely want to make sure you're not running anything else on the phone at the same time, but given the issues on the other platforms, the Iphone version is fine. Go find somewhere quiet and have at it.

#4 Posted by lemonlateralus (112 posts) -

I played entire series on my iPad 2. In my mind the best way to experience it. Being able to so directly touch the action really immersed you, plus the screen estate helps :)

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