How Will It End? (Spoilers for previous episodes)

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#51 Posted by Terramagi (1159 posts) -

I hope they go as wildly divergent as possible with the endings.

Like, if you made the wrong choices, you fail and Clem dies. Then you die, alone, having completely and utterly failed.

Roll credits.

If they ever do a S2, they can just pick one ending as canon. Or do new characters.

#52 Edited by WMoyer83 (650 posts) -

I am thinking that the beginning of episode 5 will have a flashback of what happened with Lee and the Senator. I think there will be some sort of twist that will change how we perceive Lee. One thing that gets me is that Lee reveals that he was convicted of murder, not that he was an actual murderer.

I am also going to presume that something happens where it looks like everything is going to be ok. They are about to make a grand escape or something of that nature, when another totally different group of survivors, also in a seperate, yet close situation does something to save themselves, yet condemns your group (or Lee and Clem).

Cue Season two which focuses on this new group, with a new protagonist, knowing that they ultimately were responsible for the death of your beloved season 1 characters.

#53 Posted by VarkhanMB (161 posts) -

@Breadfan said:

Lee dies never finding Clementine and you finish the game as her.

I will do you one better. You are Clementine, and you have to execute Lee as he is turning into a walker.

#54 Posted by StayPuftGiant (14 posts) -

@LucVargas said:

I think the theory of Lee killing himself/getting killed by Clem is very possible. After that I think Clem will be adopted by Christa and Omid and they will escape on Kenny's boat, their fates unknown. It is The Walking Dead we're talking about, so it would be kind jarring seeing a happy ending. I'm hoping for a more bittersweet ending.

I find it really hard for Kenny to survive this episode. No idea about the rest of the characters.

Then again, Telltale could always surprise us.

@RockinKemosabe said:

I think Vernon took his group to the train to use it to leave Savannah.

Ooooooh shit, that's right! There was that bit of dialogue, wasn't there? Yeah, the train will probably play role in Episode 5.

I thought that the horde that followed them to the bridge just followed them to Savannah and that's why you saw all of the walkers in the windows from the fallout shelter. It seems probable because Vernon saw them on the tracks and didn't want to worry the group and then after they got back he went and got his whole group and got the hell out of dodge before the incoming walker clusterfuck.

#55 Edited by Rave (374 posts) -

Since you've never been anyone other then Lee I think you wont jump around but will stay as him. Right at the end of the game just before you reach Clem you will turn into a Zombie and the only way to actually finish the game and get the final achievement will be to kill Clem, but she can also shoot you. So as a player you have to actually sacrifice that final achievement to save the child you have protected the whole game by letting her give you game over.

I dont think this would actually happen but using gamer's need to complete everything against them in this case would be kinda cool, would also really show how strong peoples connections are to those two characters.

Even just doing this in a way where the player has to fail a series of quicktime events instead of beating them would be a cool twist.

Could Ohmad and I forget his girls name take Clem she is obviously pregnant so I think them finding safety and having a family will be the actual ending.

#56 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2561 posts) -

Clem shoots Lee

#57 Posted by hollitz (1588 posts) -

A ghostly Clem apparition will present you with three options: Control the zombies, destroy the zombies, or synthesize zombies and humans. The ending cinematic will be mostly the same, the only difference being the color of the walkers' blood. None of the choices that you've made up to this point will culminate in anything interest. Kenny will stand around a hospital for the entire episode.

#58 Posted by Sgtpierceface (639 posts) -

@hollitz: And after the credits roll, Herschel will be telling Duck a story about "The Lee".

#59 Posted by The_Ruiner (1114 posts) -

@hbkdx12 said:

A good theory that i've seen other people post is that clementine is basically going to have to choose between Lee and (the promise of) her parents based on the decisions you've made in the game as a whole and how you've treated her.

@notdavid: Was it ever stated that vernon was the voice on the radio?

Clem's father is definitely dead. He was bitten months ago.

#60 Posted by VarkhanMB (161 posts) -

@Rave said:

Could Ohmad and I forget his girls name take Clem she is obviously pregnant so I think them finding safety and having a family will be the actual ending.

That's exactly what I'm thinking. Omid is all better now, and of course Christa is pregnant, they gave that info at 3 different spots in the episode and yet nobody seems to give a fuck. Could it be that the guy on the walkie is Crawford's boss? Because it doesn't seem like it's Vernon, although he probably played a part in Clem being stuck with him.

#61 Posted by Gravier251 (217 posts) -

Perhaps end on rescuing clementine and requiring her to "make sure you don't come back". Same as the way Lee has been putting down a number of walkers and Duck, etc. Perhaps end on a final dialogue option to Clem as you slip away and fade to black, or hear a gunshot. No answers, closure, no idea what happens to her. Just ends abruptly along with Lee's life and leave people hoping that Clementine will be alright.

I doubt we will see season 2 follow an adult Clem, etc. It has the comics continuity to adhere to so I doubt they would jump so far ahead. Only 2-3 years have passed in the comics at most.

It is too late for Lee, the only case of someone surviving a bite required it to be a near instant removal of the limb. Any later and they have turned. For that matter there have been cases of the limb being removed instantly and the person still turned. So i'd say Lee has no chance of making it.

As for Season 2, I would expect a completely new cast. The only characters so far who are untouchable is Kenny, Clem, Omid and Christa unless something happens to them in episode 5. Lily is off to Woodbury for her comic appearance, so she is out.

#62 Edited by Unavailable (56 posts) -

You save Clem and find out she was abducted because she's immune to turning into a zombie, and some magical cure is somehow made using Clem's blood or something in a short amount of time to save Lee's life.

Just kidding. I don't actually think it'll happen that way. Or want it to. But I wonder if they are going to find a way to keep Lee alive, or if they'll go with a new character (they did say they were doing another "season" of this, didn't they?).

#63 Posted by hbkdx12 (779 posts) -
@Unavailable said:
(they did say they were doing another "season" of this, didn't they?).
They did. All things considered, Telltale has shown they have the balls to eliminate rather important characters so i don't doubt that they would/could kill lee and just have season 2 start with a new group/protagonist (which is should regardless if Lee dies or not)

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