I Don't Know If I Could Finish The Walking Dead

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So after downloading The Walking Dead Episode 5, I start playing. I choose to resume my game and I see an intro video. The intro for Episode 1. And after freaking out and turning off my Xbox, I turn it back on and my save file had reverted to Episode 1.

I don't know if I want to replay through the episodes. I liked the spontaneous choices I made and having those gone sucks. I could have it generate choices but I can't say I agree with most of those. And I know it's mostly the illusion of choice most of the time but it mattered to me.

So I might not finish the Walking Dead. To a lot of you, you probably think I'm stupid and am going to miss one of the best things in gaming this year. And I agree with you but I don't want to now. Am I being crazy?

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I mentioned this in the other topic, but this happened to me on Episode 4. The game started me back at Episode 1 and saved over my game. Just to see what would happen, I started the game up on that save file and chose Episode 4 from the menu and all of my decisions were still saved somehow and I was able to play through it just fine. So, before you go giving up on the game, try loading up the save that got overwritten, choose Episode 5 and see if your choices are still there. I believe this has worked for others as well. Hope you get to play the last episode!

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@JacobG: Holy shit that worked. Thanks so much. Sorry I didn't look at the other threads. I mean even though I was considering not playing it I didn't want to risk knowing the story.

This was the oddest glitch/bug. I think there's a difference in the meaning of those words but I'm not smart enough to know it.

And boy do I feel like an idiot.

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No problem man, glad I could help!

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This happened to me on the PC version. Sucks that this problem hasn't been patched yet. I almost gave up on finishing the game myself too, but decided to start episode 5 and see what happens. I was happy to see that all my choices were still there.

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I got a new Xbox and it didn't ask for where my save was, meaning it couldn't access it. I'm lucky my old one was still working well enough. @andrew2696: You're not crazy for not wanting to continue without your save.

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This happened to me, When loading it up on steam it showed me my save from after Episode 3, instead of 4, and when choosing continue it tried to start me on episode 4. That was thankfully easily solved.

For anyone encountering this issue on the PC: Here's help

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It really sucks that such an awesome game is plagued with so many technical flaws.

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Similar thing happened for me on PC as well, on episode 4 going from 3. Their save system is fucked up and they seem to not be able to fix it somehow.

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After I finished episode 5, I'm pretty sure the saves in my two other slots got deleted. Luckily, I don't give a shit about those saves so, nothing lost.

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