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So I've mainly played The Walking Dead on the 360 (finished episode 4 the other week), but I downloaded the iPad version to play around with on my new iPad 4 and I've noticed that looking around is a little slow.

Is it supposed to be like that? Like it says to hold and swipe to look around (something like that), but I have to swipe several times to look left or right. It just moves really slow. I can't remember if it was like that on the 360 too or not, it's been awhile. Like in the beginning where you have to grab the shotgun and the shotgun shell it was really hard to do. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that or not... Any idea?

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It’s one of those games where you’re using a virtual analog stick wherever you put your finger down. Don’t swipe, just put your finger down and hold it in the direction you want to move.

I played through the entire game on an iPad, and while the controls were occasionally awkward, it played pretty well. It seemed to have less awkward lag than the PS3 version, and the shooting sequences are way less annoying.

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Ahhh....I thought it wanted me to literally swipe. Good to know.

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