lag / frame loss / audio to visual match ups (ps3)

#1 Posted by Meteor_VII (171 posts) -

Hey guys and gals,

Has anyone else been having big lag/frame loss/audio to visual match ups? Because I am just to the second section of the second episode and when it changes camera angles it takes a second or so. 

Also when talking to characters I have had the models and audio not match up at all in some cases. Where nearly the entire audio section for one character will go and then it will switch camera angles and have it just cut to the model almost being in sync but still being off.  
Didin't really notice this in episode 1 if it was present there. 
#2 Posted by tread311 (373 posts) -

Noticed this on the PS3 as well. It's like the game is constantly checking to load up the right situation for your playthrough. Definitely annoying.

#3 Posted by sickVisionz (1299 posts) -

This was a constant on my 360 of episode 2. Some of the mash the button QTEs almost seemed like the game had frozen after I mashed it enough. It wasn't anywhere near this bad in ep1, if it was there at all.

Ep2 was good, but it was a super janky experience that left me feeling like very little QA was done compared to ep1. I hope that the rest of the episodes aren't so poorly put together.

#4 Posted by Galiant (2216 posts) -

It's my only complaint with this series. On the PS3, during pivotal moments, the game often just freezes up so that you can't complete the action. Switching scenes and stuff just makes it hiccup as well. It's incredibly annoying.

The game is amazing otherwise, especially Episode 2 so far.

#5 Posted by corganmurray (38 posts) -

Yeah, this was happening to me on the Xbox version, too. Don't seem to recall this being an issue in Ep. 1, but it was constant in Ep. 2.

#6 Posted by Meteor_VII (171 posts) -

Glad I'm not alone. I deleted the game from my ps3 and my saves to see if its a poor download or something (doubt thats even possible but w/e)  
Going to replay through the episodes soon.

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