Let's talk about 400 Days. (Spoilers inside)

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#101 Posted by Dross (353 posts) -

So who do you guys think will be the playable character in Season 2?

#102 Edited by Jedted (2769 posts) -

Just got around to finishing the DLC. Pretty good writing and excited to see how the choices affect the story in season 2.

In the order i played them:

  • Shot Justin cause White Collar crooks can never be trusted.
  • Left Nate at the diner.
  • Told Leland the truth but lied saying "it was Dee's fault." (it was dark and she snuck up on me, what the fuck was i supposed to do).
  • Drove away with Becca
  • Lost the game of R/P/S(un-intentionally)

Everyone but Vince left with Tavia. I bet that will piss a lot of people off since Vince seems the most popular character and a lot of players shot Justin.

Not sure what decides all of the final 'stay or go' outcomes. I went back and replayed Wyatt just to get the R/P/S achievement and i think said something differently in the epilogue which cause Russel to stay behind.

Edit: I'm not sure what this says about me but i wasn't all that phased when i saw Dead Carli by the side of the road. I really liked Carli and tore me up when she died in my game but i don't know, maybe it's just been long enough that i've made peace with what happened. It did look pretty gross seeing that maggot crawling down her face(can't say the cell-shading makes the game less gory).

#103 Edited by Swifdemon (102 posts) -

Shot Danny: I didn't WANT to but he suggested it. I was not aware I was going to shoot off his fucking foot and leave him to die. This was my favorite segment.

EDIT: in retrospect of my actions, Danny would probably be more dangerous due to his emotions. Justin apparently left anyway.

Left the car: I wasn't aware this was a choice? I left the car and tried to save the dying policeman even though I didn't want to (I sensed drama on the horizon). I played this segment first, it was a good way to start. Was not pleased when my bro... I don't know. Died? Was taken? Egh...

Left Nate: Assuming Nate was that crazy dude? I immediately didn't trust him since I recognized his truck from the first segment I played (played this last). I trusted him for the shoot-y segment since otherwise I figured I was fucked, but I saw no reason to kill those old guys and mess with the kid I was playing as.

Told the truth to Leland: Why not?

Killed Stephanie: Drama's a killer. It didn't matter, anyway, since apparently Shel and her sister left eventually. Also, Shel did not join the group at the end and nor did her sister. They were the only ones. Really glad I got Vince 'cause he seems cool.

#104 Edited by Jedted (2769 posts) -

I'm really curious how the 'Leave/Stay at Camp' will work in season 2. I mean they can seriously just cut anyone out of the story because they stayed behind, i assume it's possible to have everyone Stay at the Camp(if Tavia is open with all of them).

#105 Posted by Sploder (918 posts) -

I liked this episode, though I realise the ending is probably pretty inconsequential cos' if it's anything like the first season that group will end up together regardless of who came with.

#106 Posted by BeachThunder (14087 posts) -
  • Shot Justin the 'thief' - I dunno, I just felt like I had to...killing the rapist seemed like the obvious thing to do, so I did the opposite >_>
  • Stayed in the car - I played paper and then scissors.
  • Left Nate - That guy was a shitty person ={
  • Lied to Leland - ultimately, it felt like he didn't have to know.
  • Drove away - Why not?
#107 Edited by LackingSaint (2118 posts) -

I'm really disappointed by this DLC. Most of it is the end-decisions, which basically resulted in every single character I actually enjoyed deciding not to come with me for, what i've discovered, were totally inane decisions. It's a real shame because The Walking Dead Game had this excellent feeling that your choices mattered, and the game would mess with you based on that. In this, you get shit like "You decided to help the cop... you drop him in a cutscene anyway and apparently are an abandoner despite doing the opposite of abandoning someone?" or "You made the hard choice and shot one of the prisoners.... now you're just going to randomly leave them to die even though you only shot them in the foot!". The Voice Acting for certain parts of the game are absolutely abysmal (listen to Dee's early segments, in which she ends up mis-emphasising every other sentence), something the original game never suffered from, and the graphics for certain segments feel incredibly rushed (Again, look at Bonnie's segment, and the very obvious fact that the flashlights in the cutscenes are literally just floating orbs of light). The writing is jarring and clunky (The stoner's segment, in which he goes from "FREAKING OUT ABOUT CAR" to "haha i'm just a wacky guy" to "I'M STOIC AND ANGRY" in the space of 3 lines of dialogue).

It just seems like a rushed product, and it pisses me off that i'm likely going to miss out on Vince and Russell, two of the only characters I genuinely liked, based on incidental dialogue that barely related to the end of the DLC. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth, and I hope the Season itself stands at a much higher quality.

For the record, my decisions:

  • Shot Justin - I believe that Danny is innocent, Justin not only admits his guilt but doesn't regret it. Not to say I thought he was irredeemable, but apparently shooting someone in the foot (and then clearly still being alive) means i'm going to be an asshole and completely abandon them according to this DLC's logic.
  • Left Roman's Camp - I didn't like the idea of living in a camp that refused to let its people explain themselves. Too authoritarian for me.
  • Left Nate - He was going to kill two struggling old people. I really like his character but what am I gonna do?
  • Got out of the Car - Uh, yeah I just kinda decided to because I don't like to leave jobs to people other than myself in a game. Doesn't seem like it'd matter much.
  • Told Leland the Truth - Honesty is the best policy with me in these games; I don't like stuff coming back to bite me in the ass. But then I guess Leland died and he's the only guy who would've cared, so this decision means nothing...
#108 Posted by kishinfoulux (3090 posts) -

Really bummed that Russel and Vince, my two favorites, stayed behind in the end. Really lame. Especially since there's no way you can know what actions would let them come with you. I'm hoping, in typical Walking Dead fashion, it won't really matter and they'll meet up with you anyways.

#109 Posted by cloudnineboya (990 posts) -

it was short! it seemed janky, like the animations did not look as good from the first game...long pauses when it was time to answer a question. only the little girl left at camp with is good lil bitch.

#110 Posted by LackingSaint (2118 posts) -

Really bummed that Russel and Vince, my two favorites, stayed behind in the end. Really lame. Especially since there's no way you can know what actions would let them come with you. I'm hoping, in typical Walking Dead fashion, it won't really matter and they'll meet up with you anyways.

Yeah, that's the thing for me. Right now i've got Bonnie and Shel coming with me and Vince, Russell and Wyatt still at the camp, but I know I can rewind to that last encounter, mention that "There could be friends and family at the camp" and make Russell and Wyatt come with me. I'm gonna stick to my guns for now, but if it turns out people left at the camp just get killed off off-screen or something then i'm changing it.

#111 Posted by existentialspork (17 posts) -
  • Shot Danny's foot off
  • Stayed in the car (Didn't even play rock paper scissors)
  • Left Nate (I didn't want to stay with a crazy person)
  • Told Leland the truth
  • Took the RV (I was convinced I wanted to do this since I saw it was an option. I treated that girl as I would have Clementine)
  • Russel was the only character who did not come along.
  • Played it in this order: Russel, Vince, Wyatt, Shel, Bonnie

I enjoyed it but it ended really quickly. It's disappointing to hear about the Dee scenario.

#112 Posted by VaultBoy (206 posts) -
  • Shot Danny's foot. He's a pedo. This was an easy choice.
  • Stayed in the car (played RPS). I volunteered to go out, but couldn't lose in RPS. The first time when he drove off without Eddie, I thought I must have triggered something accidentally. I went back and replayed and realized there's no way to get through the Nate sequence without leaving Eddie.
  • Left in the RV. I tried to convince everyone to keep the guy at camp. It seemed the safest option without killing anyone, but in the end let him go. Later, I was really hoping there would be an option to free Stephanie. This was by far the most frustrating episode, because the choices I wanted to make weren't available.
  • Left Nate. I tried leaving him so many times. Honestly, once Russell has the gun and you turn it on Nate, you should be able to just get out of there.
  • I told Leland the truth. I recognized her hair when she approached, so I didn't attack. I figured if the game was going to force me to "accidentally" kill her, then I might as well own up to it.
  • Everyone came along at the end.

I do wish Tavia would've had a one-on-one conversation with each character. It's crazy to me that she would welcome them all in without getting any backstory. I mean, 3/5 characters could be pretty broken individuals:

  • Convicted murderer who is potentially proud of it and sided with a pedo.
  • Ex-junky that lies to a man after killing his wife to have a relationship with him.
  • A sadist if your Russell stuck with Nate.

It just seems like the Tavia part was mostly pointless. Why even provide dialog options when they appeared to have very little impact on who would come with?

#113 Posted by AlexandaPrixois (2 posts) -

The moment wether to keep Danny or Justin will be a set-up/pay-off in season 2. If you choose Danny (convicted for rape) will probably rape some woman in season 2. Choosing Justin ( the thief ) and you will probably get supplies stolen in season 2. This is just assuming.. Awesome dilemma though.

#114 Edited by Petiew (1413 posts) -

@alexandaprixois: Danny dies before the end of the DLC if he's the one you choose to free. They mention it at the camp, they also allude to the fact that he actually was a pedophile rapist and wasn't falsely accussed.

#115 Edited by ch3burashka (6088 posts) -

@matsemann08 said:

So, did anyone let the guy go in Shel's story? What happens after that?

If you kill him the group is felling pretty down, and they talk about how it's not the same since they killed the guy. How do they get to that part of the dialog when you let him go?

I let him go. I stayed quiet on the 2-2 split vote (for reasons I mention above) and Roman makes the call to release him. After the fast forward, they mention that the group got raided and Boyd the veggies guy was killed. Roman, feeling guilty, has turned the group into some kind of weird dictatorship where everyone's feeling down and, apparently, nobody's allowed to leave for the rest of their lives.

Huh. When you make the decision to let him go, and it comes to Stephanie's murder, he gives you shit for being the one to break the tie. Apparently he was in agreement. Fuck him.

#116 Edited by Cheesebob (1299 posts) -

Reading this thread made me realize that I didn't notice they were all connected. Holy shit!

The black kid and the prisoner stayed behind with me.

Something I wasn't a fan of right at the end was that I didn't understand what I could've done differently to make sure they all came with the black woman. I saw no real correlation between the ending and the choices I made.

#117 Edited by golguin (5075 posts) -

I bought the DLC when it was first released, but I just got around to playing and beating it. I really enjoyed it and some parts didn't play out as I expected them to. I was fairly convinced the little girl was the one trying to kill us at the Diner and then the crazy dude was going to try to rape her.

I'm going to play through it again to see if I can get all 5 people to hop on the freedom train. Then I'll read through the comments.

EDIT: Actually, I have a question about what determines who leaves and stays. Do the choices in the sections matter or does it come down to what you say at the end when they're all at camp?

#118 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7807 posts) -

Just played this to prepare for season 2, here were my choices -

Shot Justin's foot off - Ok, I didn't know that shooting the chain meant killing the poor guy, please it really hit me hard when he said he had a family. I tried going back, but I was stuck shooting Justin. On the other hand though, I though Danny was a nicer guy, actually wanting to do something when the other prisoner was getting killed and standing up to the crazy police officer... He seemed to have more morals (judging off what I saw off him, not the despicable stuff he did before prison) so I'm still glad I picked to shoot Justin's foot off.

Stayed in the car - I offered to go outside because I'd feel guilty otherwise, but Eddie convinced me to play Rock, Paper, Scissors and I ended up winning. I wish there was a way to go back for Eddie, but there wasn't.

Killed Stephanie - Though I'm usually always opposed of killing people in games like this (I let the man who stole the goods at the start of this episode live) I thought that killing her would be the best option. Driving away from a secure place that had a lot of recourses seemed stupid, especially with Becca to take care of. Also, Stephanie knew that by stealing everything she would be potentially killing Shel, Becca and everyone else, she was such a great friend, right?

Left Nate - Even though I loved Nate, thought he was the best character and really enjoyed the relationship him and Russell had, I left him behind. Though, it was a unintentional, just because I said "Are you fucking serious" it meant that Russell left... Huh? I was really hoping for a way to convince Nate to just leave them, but it wasn't an option, so I just had to leave him instead.

Told Leland the truth - Why lie to him? Bonnie didn't do anything wrong, it was dark and she didn't know it was Dee. Not to mention that I failed the QTE resulting in Dee killing me and getting a game over screen, so she would've done the same! Leland still came with me though, even though I told him the truth.

In the end only Bonnie and Wyatt went with Tavia which was disappointing, actually, the whole epilogue was a but disappointing due to the fact that Danny and Leland weren't there, it kind of made the choices feel useless.

Overall though I really enjoyed the DLC and I hope we get to see a lot more if these characters.

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