Major (game breaking) save bug

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I realize that there are already several topics about save issues, and that is has been plaguing the game since the second episode, but this is goddamn ridiculous and I haven't seen a topic about it here on Giantbomb.

Basically, at a (seemingly) random point in Episode 4 when the game is attempting to save you will get a error message that says that the save has been corrupted, and it will try to recreate the save. The game will then freeze, forcing you to shut down your console. Once you restart the console, all of your saved games, even the ones that weren't in use at the time, will be lost

So this just happened to me. I finished Episode 4 yesterday, and today my brother was working through his version of the game, when he suddenly got the error message. Now we have lost two full games, and the patch that is supposed to fix this isn't even out in Europe yet. Even with the patch is seems almost certain that our saved games are lost. What is Telltales response? Start a new game at Episode 4, with random choices.

I find that unacceptable, for obvious reasons.

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I've got an annoying bug on 360. I have three save files and naturally I went through episode 4 as number 2 first, only to find out later on [as there's no definite way of telling] that I was actually playing on number 1. This screwed up that file completely as I had a mindset for number 1 that was opposite to 2, really annoying, so I had to play through on number 1 again to do it right. Going back later, I played through on what I thought was save number 3. Despite it telling me how I was 'overwriting' my save, I thought I was safe as I went back and forth from the select menu making absolutely sure that I was on number 3... only to again realise I had in fact saved over number 1 a second time. This was such a headache that I've shelved the game for the foreseeable future, ugh. This did happen to me with episode 3 once, but I thought that was just a mistake considering how monumentally stupid this kind of glitch is in a choose-you-own-adventure, save file-based game such as The Walking Dead. Is this my punishment for having multiple files and not going by a single run of kneejerk reactions?

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