New Gameplay Vid

#1 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -

I've been eyeing this game for some time now, and we finally have gameplay footage.

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What do you guys think? I can't wait to play this.

#2 Posted by Vorbis (2763 posts) -

I was sceptical until the last few minutes. Anyone who follows up crushing in a zombies skull with "Hi there" has to be alright.

#3 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

Playing this with a controller seems clunky, will check it out on PC.

#4 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Looks interesting. Glad to see a zombie game that isn't just "yo, shoot these zombies in the head" game play. Definitely going to check this out when it's released.

#5 Posted by Dylabaloo (1573 posts) -
#6 Posted by AlianthaBerries (158 posts) -

Looks awesome

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