Original save important for 400 Days?

#1 Posted by Killerfridge (324 posts) -

Hey guys, I recently bought 400 days without realizing that my xbox had been wiped of all its saves, games, etc. I didn't have a backup, and I really loved the original series. Is a save really important for 400 days? I can't imagine going through the whole thing again.


#2 Posted by audioBusting (1778 posts) -

Not really. There's a couple of things that depend on your choices but they don't matter much to the story. The choices that carry over are who gets shot by Lilly, who gets left behind to guard the boat, and whether Lee threatens Vernon when they first met or not.

#3 Posted by Ramone (3077 posts) -

There are some pretty neat call backs to the original "season" which you might miss out on but nothing that crucial to the story.

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