Original save important for 400 Days?

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Hey guys, I recently bought 400 days without realizing that my xbox had been wiped of all its saves, games, etc. I didn't have a backup, and I really loved the original series. Is a save really important for 400 days? I can't imagine going through the whole thing again.


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Not for the actual DLC, but the choices you make in 400 Days carry over to Season 2 along with your Season 1 choices.

So you might want to replay Season 1 regardless, just burn through it picking all the same choices again, it'll be a pain but hopefully it will be worth it come Season 2.

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I recently played 400 Days and before that I had to replay all 5 episodes because my saves recorded incorrect choices (I didn't steal the food, but game said I did) so I had to make sure everything was fine and good to go. After each episode make sure to go back and check the results of each past episode on the select screen to confirm that the choices were switched on you. You wouldn't want to correct a save error in episode 2 when you're already in episode 5.

In 500 Days there is one moment that's dependent on a choice from season 1. It's an achievement easter egg type of thing. I had just played Season 1 and that was the only thing I noticed.

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