PC or Console version?

#1 Posted by Stonyman65 (3081 posts) -

For those who have played it, which control option do you think would be better for this game, a mouse and keyboard or a controller, specifically PS3?

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I contemplated getting it on PC but then gave in and got the cheaper season pass on PS3 and it handled great. From what I had read the PC version seemed a bit iffy as in when you plugged in an Xbox controller it just controlled the same, if not better.

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I bought it on PC, but haven't played it yet. The console controls looked alright in the videos I've seen leading up to the game's release. I've heard the mouse makes the game easier in certain situations.

I wonder if the PC version offers console controls as an option...

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I found that it controlled a lot better with a pad than a mouse, especially character movement. I played it on PC with a DS3 (I needed to invert the y-axis and that wasn't an option in game so I had to do it at the driver level) and I enjoyed it.

#5 Posted by SeanFoster (913 posts) -

It's all very simple stuff, I don't think it matters much one way or the other. The game is more about the decisions you make rather than your finesse with your controller of choice.

#6 Posted by benguin (19 posts) -

@seanfoster: I would definitely agree, it shouldn't matter a whole lot, unless you don't have a great PC which means it might not run as well.

#7 Posted by Shookems (479 posts) -

I'm having a pretty good time clicking on stuff in the PC version

#8 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

I really, REALLY wish it had Move support on PS3. Seems like a no brainer (ironically).

#9 Posted by IroN1c (632 posts) -

I played it on the PC and plugged in my 360 pad after 5 minutes. It doesn't necessarily play better but I just found it more fitting.

#10 Posted by Scooper (7920 posts) -

I got PC version. First playthrough I played with Keyboard & Mouse sitting upright at my desk. On my second playthrough on PC but this time I am playing on a sofa with a 360 controller. Both are totally fine. /thread

#11 Posted by Jackel2072 (2509 posts) -

Played it on the PC last night. felt good, only issue i really have with the game (which seems to span all versions) is just how low the audio quality is. 

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@Jackel2072 said:

Played it on the PC last night. felt good, only issue i really have with the game (which seems to span all versions) is just how low the audio quality is.

Yeah, I swore for a couple lines it sounded like the voice actor bumped the mic.

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@Stonyman65: I'm playing on the PC and decided to use the 360 controller. It's a good option so i'll stick with it through the whole series. one thing of note; the in game cursor is kinda slow but that may add a little tension so it could even be counted as an added benefit.

Another thing you may want to think about when choosing is, apparently there's a driver issue with ATI video cards which is causing frame rate problems on the PC.

...So if you're split between he two options i'd recommend the console version.

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I'm playing it on the PC (with a 360 controller) with an ATI card. I'm didn't notice any frame rate issues. It isn't like this game needs alot of power :) (either with 12.3 driver or 12.4)

This is a great GF game too.. i played it on the HDTV and the girly told me what i should do :)

I think any system you play this game on should look great... but it wanted to see it at 2650x1600... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-VL5lpXI6k

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Plays great on PS3, EXCEPT the stupid lag that occurs when it auto-saves, which is before any event that can get you killed...the save-lag got me killed more than once. It's really frustrating.

#16 Posted by Kidavenger (3923 posts) -

@bibamatt said:

I really, REALLY wish it had Move support on PS3. Seems like a no brainer (ironically).


I played it on PC with KB+M and it played fine; swapping the Q and E keys would have been nice, the game supports 360 controller on PC if you want to do that.

#17 Posted by Sackmanjones (5217 posts) -

Played the ps3 version last night. It runs pretty smooth, there are a few hitches in framerate but nothing bothersome.  If your thinking of getting the whole series I'd go with PSN because of the 5 dollar discount you get for the bundle.

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