Resetting Save Glitch? (360)

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I was around halfway or so through chapter 4 (on the 360), with no problems so far. Booted it up last night, resumed my save as normal. Then...chapter 1 started playing? "Huh, weird" I thought. Exited out, went to resume again save had reset to the beginning of the first chapter. Hadn't even thought about saving in multiple slots or anything. UGH.


I'm pretty sure I'm just boned, but is there any chance I might not be? Someone say otherwise! God dammit.

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My condolences in advance of any dooming news, man. I've heard of this going around quite a lot lately after the release of Episode 5.

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I had it happen to me during Episode 3 a couple weeks ago.

I was told to copy the save and put it in slot 3. Start it again in original slot and it went back to episode 3, but I had to replay that one over. Not the end of the world, but better than having to restart completely.

It sucks and soured my experience twice, but I suggest waiting for a patch, whenever that is.

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happend to me too

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Same thing happened to me when I started episode five, and I too thought I was's pretty hard not to when you see that episode one intro, a file save that says episode one, and a bunch of blank stat screens. Luckily, I was able to just restart episode five and all of the stat screens and my choices were magically restored. In your case, I would try copying your save over to a different slot and then using the rewind on episode four to go back to the last checkpoint. If you're lucky, everything will come back.


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