[Spoilers] Choices you made in Episode Two

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  • Chopped David's leg off.
  • Gave food to: Clem, Duck, Kenny and Lilly.
  • Did not shoot Jolene. I believed her and wanted to hear what she had to say before Danny shot her.
  • Successfully warned Clementine not to eat the Mark steak.
  • Sided with Kenny to kill Larry before he possibly turned. I didn't care if he was dead or not, I took the opportunity to get rid off him.
  • Killed both St. John brothers. (I'm actually surprised that only 18% of people killed them both as well.)
  • Stole, I mean borrowied the supplies from the car.
#2 Posted by kickinthehead (112 posts) -
  • Chopped David's leg off though I tried for the chain first.
  • Gave food to Mark 'cause he's nice and said he was feeling weak. Duck and Clem 'cause it'd be dickish to give some to one kid and not the other. Gave apple to Carley.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene because I wanted to learn more about what was going on.
  • Warned Clementine, but probably should've said up front that Mark was upstairs legless so everyone would've got the hint sooner.
  • Sided with Kenny to kill Larry but feel like I should've waited so that Clem would be less upset if I killed a zombie instead (though not sure what the outcome was going to be.
  • Killed the first brother 'cause he pissed me off, but instantly felt regret when Clem saw. Let the second one go 'cause I was feeling guilty.
  • Took the supplies even though I knew Clem would be upset at me 'cause had to be pragmatic.

Man what a ride. I don't think I've ever played a game with decisions that left me feeling so conflicted all the time. Can't wait for more.

#3 Posted by Oni (2232 posts) -

What an intense episode. Holy shit, man. Can't wait for more!

  • Did not chop David's leg off, was too late. Kept trying other things. Left him to the walkers, which was fucked up!
  • Gave food to both kids, Mark and myself. Figured I had to keep my strength up for Clem and couldn't NOT feed the kids.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene, I had a feeling she was going to say something about the dairy guys, whom I did not trust at all.
  • Warned Clementine, the rest ate though. Whoops.
  • Killed both brothers. Felt bad about the first one, but once I had gone down that path I figured I might as well continue, and the whole group was watching the second time. Felt it was the right time to assert myself as new leader. Sent a message!
  • Took the supplies. Car was out of gas, doors open and lights on. Figured whoever left left it a hurry and was unlikely to come back.
#4 Posted by golguin (4634 posts) -
  • I tried to get the guy out of the trap, but I had to chop his leg.
  • I gave the cheese and crackers to Clem and then to Duck. I tried giving the jerky to Carley, but she said something about me needing the food more. Lee tells her she doesn't owe him anything, but she insists and gives the food back. I give the apple to Mark and the Jerky to Lilly.
  • I did not shoot Jolene because I wanted her to verbally say they eat people. I was suspicious the moment I spoke to Cannibal Mom and she said something to the effect of, "We'd love having you over for dinner." The title of the episode, that line, and the disappearance of the farm hands planted that in my head the whole time.
  • I stopped Clem from eating human flesh.
  • I tried to bring Larry back despite the fact that I promised myself in the first episode that I'd kill him the moment I got the chance. Kenny was out of line. We could have smashed him the moment we saw him turn if we couldn't bring him back, but not before that.
  • I did not kill any of the brothers because of Clem.
  • I did not take the supplies because Clem didn't want to play that. I know she wont go hungry because I knew everyone else would take the food and eventually give her some. This way I take the high road and Clem gets her food.

#5 Posted by MysteriousFawx (441 posts) -
  • Tried everything before eventually accepting that I had to cut Davids leg off.
  • Fed Clem, Duck, Kenny and Mark,,,purely fed Mark to piss off Larry as he was right next to him.
  • Held fire against Jolene, really glad I did as the video recording later made me feel so bad for her.
  • Warned Clem in time, laughed as Duck carried on eating.
  • Sided with Kenny, I just wanted to get rid of Larry, he was trouble.
  • Killed the first brother, regretted it instantly however so I walked off to the group on the second.
  • Stood by Clem and refused to loot the car, I figured everyone else would steal anyway so I might as well earn some respect back from the best escort character in any video game EVER.
#6 Posted by Frobitz (217 posts) -
  • Think I tried most options, but ended up cutting the guys leg off
  • Fed Clem and Duck the cheese and crackers, Carly the apple, and Mark the jerky since he said he felt weak
  • Tried to reason with Jolene until psycho Private Pile brother shot her anyway
  • Ran downstairs but I think I blundered about in the (retrospect) deliberately dark top floor too much - 'spit it out Clem!' - proceeded to go the Soylent Green conversation path
  • Sided with Lillly, Clem was in the room FFS! Clever how they've twisted my actions from pro-Kenny to not this episode.
  • Went with the sickle as a weapon - noticed you had an option of that, a cattle prod or a fork of somekind? Not sure the differences ....
  • Killed neither brother, left them for the zombies to take care of them (will this come back to haunt me in a later episode or is that beyond the game design I wonder)
  • Man, last choice was so tough! But I took the moral high ground and refused despite misgivings I wasn't feeding Clem. (Again, I wonder if this will have an impact later)
#7 Posted by Frobitz (217 posts) -

@MysteriousFawx said:

  • Stood by Clem and refused to loot the car, I figured everyone else would steal anyway so I might as well earn some respect back from the best escort character in any video game EVER.

This. I think Telltale might well be stealing the thunder of what Naughty Dog seem to be trying with The Last of Us. Perhaps the point and click-ish genre lends itself more readily to this kind of relationshop too, as I can't remember an action game having any kind of non-frustrating, so emotionally involving escort mechanic. Ico maybe, but I know that even Ico was irritating to me at times.

#8 Posted by Kingpk (304 posts) -
  • Kept trying the chain and only got to hit him in the leg once before we had to run off. Just chummed the water, I suppose.
  • Fed the kids, Kenny and Mark
  • Didn't shoot Jolene since I too was wary of the farm from the start though I thought they were using the fence to trap zombies and chopping them up. This was worse.
  • Couldn't stop them since Larry wouldn't stop being pig-headed about it.
  • Killed Larry because see above along with him being insufferable. I kind of regret it now because I probably sent Lily off the deep end and I'm guessing his wife's death had something to do with his attitude.
  • Took the cattle prod since I thought I could use the battery on the camcorder later.
  • Killed both brothers. I mean, they were fucking cannibals! I think Clem thinks I'm a psychopath now.
  • Took the supplies. We need to survive and short of eating each other anything goes.

Fantastic episode. Telltale can take all the time they need if this is what we get.

#9 Posted by mlarrabee (3275 posts) -
  • Tried prying it apart, trying cutting the chain, but finally chopped off the leg. Gotta do what you gotta do...
  • Mark got the apple, Clementine and Duck got cheese and crackers, and Larry got the jerky. The kids, naturally. The other two would be the most mentally unstable without food. Plus I like flooding dirtbags with reverse-revenge.
  • Was right in the middle of talking my way out of the Jolene situation when Danny shot suddenly. Dude! Seriously?! What was that for?!
  • I think I said "Clem, No!," because Larry later commented that everyone else had eaten. I'm going to pretend my use of an exclamation point followed by a comma inside of quotation marks looks right.
  • Tried to save Larry because I didn't think he was dead yet. I don't kill people who aren't dead yet.
  • Took the stunner because, hey, it looks cooler.
  • Spared both brothers. It wasn't easy with Danny, but my Lee doesn't go for personal vengeance. It was this close, though.
  • Left the supplies. That stuff ain't mine and Clem and Lee know it. And in any case, it's a vijagame; we're not going to be dead from starvation when episode three starts.

(Now to wait for three...)

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  • Cut off dude's leg
  • Fed Duck since that's what his parents would want, fed Clem since that's what Lee and Carly would want, Larry since that's what Lily would want, and Mark since it was originally his food.
  • Shot Jolene. She pointed a crossbow at me!
  • Didn't stop them from eating.
  • Killed Larry. It was prudent and, honestly, who's going to survive a heart attack in the apocalypse? This isn't Left 4 Dead 2, there aren't defibrillators.
  • Went with Sickle.
  • Killed both brothers. For the first brother I say fuck him, he tried to kill me, best thing for it is for me to try to kill him right back. Besides, what if I'd lost? They'd be able to regroup easily! As for the second brother that was practically a mercy. Better dead outright than a zombie.
  • Took the supplies. Person who abandoned the car under duress clearly and probably isn't coming back.
#11 Posted by Phatmac (5923 posts) -

Chopped of his leg.

Feed Clem, Ducks, Larry, and Kenny.

Used the solyent green line just for laughs. Too bad it didn't work.

Tried to Save Larry. He could have still been alive. Too bad Kenny killed him.

Got the Sickle.

Killed Danny, but not Andy.

Took the supplies.

#12 Posted by Johnnboy2000 (130 posts) -

- chopped off the guys leg -gave the apple to Clem which she replied that apples where her favorite. gave ducky the cheese and crackers which made Kenny and his wife happy, mark the jerky because he was weak and needed the protein and Larry the other cheese and crackers too appeases his daughter. - Didn't shot Jolene because I whated to hear what see had too say and I didn't trust those guys. -unfortunately I didn't stop clem from eating - I tryed to save Larry -my weapon of Choice was the sickle -I spared both brothers I wasn't going to stoop to their level and I think it will be a good plot twist if they come back when your least expected it.. -I didn't take the supplies . I was didn't want to upset Clem she just saw a man she know killed with a salt lick to the head fo god sake.

#13 Posted by hankrazorbeard (70 posts) -
  • Went straight for the leg, and saved him. Never saw the chain, but I get shit done.
  • Gave food to: Clementine, Duck, Lilly ('cause fuck you Larry) and Mark. Hedging my bets on these alliances.
  • Didn't shoot her because Dandy already seemed creepy and suspicious - of course I'm going to trust Rousseau.
  • Fucked up getting to Clementine because of the fixed camera angles, took me a good minute to find the door out of the room.
  • Tried to save Larry, Kenny is becoming as much of a dick as he was.
  • Killed the first brother, and spared the second seeing as I'd just left his life in shambles. Possibly crueler, though I don't see him surviving long on a farm of walkers.
  • Didn't take the supplies, Clem has seen some shit, gotta throw her a bone.
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  • Went for the leg, didn't see the chain but fuck it, there were walkers coming after me.
  • Gave Cheese and Crackers to Kenny and Clementine, an apple to Duck and a Beef Jerky to Larry because Carly was advising me to get on Lily's and Larry's good side. Fuck I regret that decision. And I regret giving Kenny some food by the end of the episode.
  • Didn't shoot the crazy lady, wanted hear what she was saying before creepy farmer guy blew her head off.
  • Got Clementine not to eat the food, THANK GOD.
  • Try to save Larry, but Kenny went and killed him anyway. I was literally shocked when that block just slammed on his head.
  • Took the Sickle.
  • Killed both brothers. They were fucked up cannibals and they nearly made Clementine eat human meat!!
  • Took the supplies. The people who left it there are probably not coming back and its all about survival.

This episode was FUCKED UP. Absolutely fantastic episode!

#15 Posted by TeamJersey (388 posts) -

I didn't get Clementine to not eat the meat. I am the worst guardian in the world.

#16 Posted by Fistfulofmetal (757 posts) -
  • Also chopped David's leg off.
  • Also gave food to: Clem, Duck, Kenny and Lilly.
  • Also did not shoot Jolene. I wanted to know her connection to Clem.
  • Also successfully warned Clementine not to eat the Mark steak.
  • I sided with Lilly. Larry is a dick but a heart attack doesnt mean he was dead. We may have been able to save him. Kenny has been acting too emotional.
  • Allowed both the brothers to live. However I lied to Andy and told him they both were dead even though his brother was alive.
  • Did not take the food... however I think I may regret that.
#17 Posted by GolazoDan (118 posts) -
  • Hacked the leg (and boy, did he hack it)
  • Gave food to Duck, Clem, Larry (to get Lily on my side) and Mark.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene. Was interested in what she was gonna say.
  • Warned Clem before she ATE THAT MAN.
  • Sided with Lily. I thought Larry was a dick until I had a conversation with her and she kinda persuaded me to give him a chance to the point that I was genuinely gutted when I didn't get the chance to fully make peace with him. This, by the way, is the moment of the two episodes for me. I literally put the controller down and laughed out loud, not because it was funny but because it was SO amazing.
  • Killed the first brother, let the second brother live. I felt bad for Clem seeing the first murder so I wanted to turn the page and walk away this time. Plus Andy's pleas were amazing. In a way killing one and letting the other live with that knowledge is kinda fucked up.
  • Took the food. I know Clem was disappointed but if I was in that situation I'd take it. This is the zombie apocalypse, we can't just go around assuming every car full of food is someone else's!

This episode was absolutely brilliant.

#18 Posted by Redbullet685 (6241 posts) -
  • Chopped off the leg.
  • Gave food to Clementine, Duck, Kenny and Mark.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene because I wanted to hear what she had to say.
  • Unsuccessfully told Clem to not eat the food, because saying that "ITS PEOPLE" makes everyone eat faster.
  • Sided with Lily even though I hated Larry. I wanted Lily to not hate me so much.
  • I did kill the first brother, but from the way Clem reacted to it, I decided to not kill the second. And I think that made the moment so much more powerful.
  • Didn't take the food because I didn't want to disappoint Clem.
#19 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -
  • Chopped off the leg.
  • Gave food to Clementine, Duck, Mark and myself.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene because I was kind of unsure what was going on. She appeared to be a mom that lost her daughter or something. I couldn't kill her.
  • Successfully warned clem not to eat
  • Couldn't pick a side, Kenny ended up pushing me out the way and killing Larry.
  • I did kill the first brother, but from the way Clem reacted to it, I decided to not kill the second.
  • Didn't take the food because I didn't want to disappoint Clem.

I'm really blown away with how awesome this episode was. So, so good

#20 Posted by bearklaw19 (101 posts) -

- Chopped the guys leg off

- Gave food to the two kids, Mark because he gave us food in the time before the two episodes, and Kenny because he is my boy.

- Didnt shoot Jolene, from the very beginning we met those brothers I thought something was fishy, they seemed to nice and when I didnt see Mark for a while I thought to myself " i bet they are gonna feed him to us"

-Warned Clem, i thought if you didnt it would result in a game over

-Killed Larry, because fuck him he was always up in my shit and I wanted an excuse for me to be able to leave with kenny in a future episode.

- Killed the first brother, thought if I left the other alive while his brother and mom are dead it would be a worse fate than just straight up killing him( he tried to feed me Mark who i wasted food on, he deserved it)

- Took the food because its the end of the world, and who just leaves that must shit just laying around anyways?

So far in the two episodes I have sided with Kenny on pretty much everything, At the beginning of the episode I thought Mark could be in our two man wolf pack but obviously that didnt turn out well, Did anybody NOT go to the dairy farm?, or cut the guys leg off?, im curious to see what would happen.

#21 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -

-Chopped leg off to rescue him

-Gave food to the kids, Larry, Kenny

-Didn't shoot Jolene. I had suspicions about the farm, and the fact she seemed against them made me hold my fire

-Tried to save Larry. First time me and Kenny have ever really fought over anything. Ultimately it led to him not trying to rescue me when i was about to eat a bullet. Now things are incredibly tense between us.

-Didn't kill either brothers. I wanted to show clem that the future didn't have to chaos. There was still room for some decency. Not to say I didn't punch the shit out of the second brother before walking away.

-Took the food. It was the first 'savage' thing I've done this episode, and it was the most necessary in my opinion. It's what I would have done. There was no fuel in the car, and it was abandoned. I'd feel bad, but no one had eaten from the group for so long, and I wasn't going to let everyone starve to death because it was 'morally questionable'. For me, it was necessary.

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  • Went for the chain a few times, when Mark said that wasn't going to work chopped off his leg
  • Fed Duck and Clem first because come on they are kids. Then tried to feed Carley but she refused and fed Mark because he said he was weak and Larry because I thought Lily would less pissed at me.
  • Did not shot Jolene because I wanted to get as much info out of her as I could. Since the farm people were starting to get kinda creepy at this point.
  • Stopped Clem from eating the meat but not anyone else, not sure if I could of stopped anyone else but I could of been faster upstairs so who knows.
  • Did not kill Larry. This was pretty easy for me since we didn't know if he was dead and Clem was there. I also figured that Lily would never forgive me if I did do it and that ultimately Kenny would be able to get over me not helping him.
  • Went with Cattle prod.
  • Spared both brothers. Another fairly easy decision, man those guys were creepy though.
  • Did not take the supplies. Probably the hardest decision of the game for me. The supplies would of been very useful but since Clem had already been through so much that day I couldn't let her down.
#23 Posted by Milkman (18095 posts) -

First off, let me say that this game is incredible. Really loving it. 

  • Chopped off his leg.
  • Gave food to Clem, Duck (obviously), Carly (she's the only person who doesn't bicker like an asshole) and Ben (he'd been through some shit).
  • I didn't shoot Jolene.
  • Stopped Clem from eating the steak.
  • Sided with Kenny. Definitely the toughest decision I made. I felt awful about it but I couldn't risk a zombie being locked in a room with Clem. If she wasn't there, maybe I wouldn't have done it.
  • Spared the brothers. 
  • I didn't steal but it doesn't really seem like it mattered considering everyone just took all the shit anyway.
#24 Edited by Kevin_Cogneto (1378 posts) -

  • Didn't chop the guy's leg off. That's all I need is a legless guy to take care of. A guy who can't run isn't going to last long. I would've preferred to put him out of his misery, but it didn't seem like an option.
  • Clem, Duck, Kenny and Mark. I was all about Team Kenny in Episode 1, little did I know how things would change...
  • Didn't shoot Jolene, for the same reason as everyone else.
  • Stopped Clem from eating Mark because I'm not a monster.
  • Tried to save Larry. I fought hard in Ep.1 to stop Larry from doing the same thing to Duck, I thought it'd be completely hypocritical to kill Larry here. Lost a lot of respect for Kenny on that score. Kenny's unique brand of "you obviously must know how to pick locks" casual racism certainly didn't help.
  • Killed Cannibal #1, didn't kill Cannibal #2. Dramatically it just felt right.
  • Took the supplies. Lee went the entire episode without a bite to eat, I mean an entire day has passed and he went through quite an ordeal. Clem at least got some cheese and crackers, and everyone else got some delicious Mark Meat. What do I get? Nothing. Doug wouldn't even share his biscuit basket with me.

Speaking of which, I feel completely redeemed for saving Doug. He really came through in this episode, never in a million years did I expect him to appear at the end and save the day. And while I'm sure Carly fills the exact same role in a Kaiden/Ashley sort of way, I seriously doubt she does so with the same level of ingenuity and panache as Doug. Don't ever change Doug, you're coming along with me until the bitter end.

#25 Posted by Milkman (18095 posts) -
@Kevin_Cogneto said: 
  • Tried to save Larry. I fought hard in Ep.1 to stop Larry from doing the same thing to Duck, I thought it'd be completely hypocritical to kill Larry here. Lost a lot of respect for Kenny on that score. Kenny's unique brand of "you obviously must know how to pick locks" casual racism certainly didn't help.
See, I think there's a big difference between what happened with Duck and Larry. 
I knew that Duck wasn't going to turn. We knew he wasn't bitten and Larry just refused to believe anyone. For Larry, if he died, he's coming back as a zombie. I wasn't willing to risk Clem being locked in a room with a walker. If we were in camp, it would have been different but when the going gets tough, sometimes you have to smash someone's head. At least that's how I'm justifying it to myself.
#26 Posted by probablytuna (4271 posts) -
  • Chopped David's leg
  • Gave food to Clementine, Duck, Mark and Carley
  • Didn't shoot Jolene
  • Warned Clementine
  • Didn't kill Larry
  • Didn't kill the brothers, but beat up Andrew pretty badly
  • Didn't loot

I thought I was gonna stick siding with Kenny but then he just became too fucking reckless so I decided against it. I saved his fucking family more than once and he's showing little gratitude for it. Also during Episode 1 I really wanted to get rid of Larry but in that particular situation I couldn't go through with it.

#27 Posted by benjaebe (2870 posts) -
  • Chopped off the teachers leg. What was the other option, leave him there to die? At least I tried.
  • Gave food to Clem and Duck because they're kids, Mark because he was feeling faint and I liked him, and Larry as a peace offering.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene because I knew the moment I found that video recorder something weird was going on and pushed my paranoid distrust of the nice farm people over the edge.
  • Tried(?) to warn Clem and she spit out the food, I was a bit slow so I'm not sure if it's possible for her to not eat it entirely.
  • Didn't kill Larry because I still had a chance to save the guy. Kenny tries to act like he's a hero and is making the "hard choices," but his family would probably be dead without me. Sort of reminds me of Shane from the TV series. I'd do the same thing for Duck or his wife, so fuck Kenny.
  • Didn't kill either of the brothers. I wanted to, badly, but I didn't want to stoop to their level. They almost seemed to love the idea of me killing them. I also want people to remember that Lee wasn't prone to violence in case anyone else finds out about my past. When I found out Clem was right behind me, I was really glad I didn't.
  • Didn't loot the vehicle. What would Clem do? It's stupid to pass up on free supplies, but I guess I'm still pretending, even for Clem's sake, that the world hasn't completely devolved.

Really, really impressed with this episode. I was definitely pro-Kenny for the first episode, but this episode made Larry and Lilly out to be much more sympathetic figures. Kenny, meanwhile, was intent on being a macho asshat instead of trying to work with anyone. His "you're either with me or you're against me attitude" is wearing on me. He may not be a bad guy, but like I told him, he's no hero.

#28 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -
@benjaebe said:
#29 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

My mom always told me I was special, today I learned she lied.

#30 Posted by maskedarcstrike (792 posts) -

@TeamJersey: I chose the "you're eating people" choice and immediately felt trolled >>

@bearklaw19: If you choose not to go to the farm the rest of the group votes to go and you go anyways.

Killed both brothers though and didn't take the food.

#31 Posted by Undeadpool (5295 posts) -

I made the choice to start weeping in the fetal position by the end. Oh, you mean WITHIN the game!

  • Cut the guy's leg off after trying everything to get the trap open.
  • Fed the kids (tradition and they need it most), the new guy (mentioned having another camp, figured I could try to get in good), and Larry to try and ingratiate myself to him. That turned out poorly.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene because of how anxious Danny (it was Danny, right? The one who looked like a young Martin Sheen?) was TO shoot her. Very much felt like he was hiding something.
  • Was not successful at warning Clem, possibly the most gut-wrenching failure on my part, no pun intended.
  • Killed Larry because I'll be damned if I'm having a hulking zombie reanimate in such close quarters.
  • Killed the first brother, which was the choice that shocked ME the most, because try as I might to rationalize the decision, I did it because I was PISSED. Didn't kill the second.
  • Didn't take the food because after the entire farm ordeal, I needed a decision I could feel good about.
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@Undeadpool said:

  • Didn't shoot Jolene because of how anxious Danny (it was Danny, right? The one who looked like a young Martin Sheen?)

Martin Sheen, really? I actually think they re-purposed a character model from the Back to the Future game: (BttF: The Game spoilers) To me he looked a ton like middle-aged Marty from the future.

#33 Posted by Undeadpool (5295 posts) -

@Kevin_Cogneto: Never played that (no worries about the spoiler), so you very well could be right. I dunno, maybe playing all that ME3, I've got a brain full of Estevez.

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@Undeadpool said:

  • Didn't take the food because after the entire farm ordeal, I needed a decision I could feel good about.

Really? Out of all the choices through the episode this was the most gain for the least moral downside I thought. Add on the fact that you start out with zero food basically, and everyone starving to death... and then get promised food for the entire day, go through a stressful situation on top of the whole shitty zombie thing and then you turn down vacant food and supplies? If the people showed up I'd be more than happy to part ways but dude... you gotta feed the kids man.

I gave food to dickhead and dickhead's daughter, and the new guy helping dickhead with the fence thingy. Cause those were the people seemingly working or stressing the hardest at the moment regardless of how little I know them or how much of an asshole some of them are. Oh and I gave half an apple to Clem cause she's mah baby. I should have given something to kenny's family I think, dude suddenly hated me after that (video game swings are the worste...)

#35 Posted by TurboMan (8304 posts) -

Chopped his leg off. When I saw the option, I made no hesitation.

Fed the two kids, Mark, and Larry. Two kids cause Clem is first before anyone else, gave it to Duck because I didn't want him to bother Clem if she had food that he didn't, gave it to Mark cause it was his food in the first place, and gave it to Larry as a starting point to hopefully patch things up between us (didn't exactly work out).

Didn't shoot Jolene. Wanted to see why the fuck she would have Clem's hat.

Stopped Clem from eating leg steak. Don't know how you screw this one up.

Tried to save Larry. He reminds me of my father in certain ways, so I tried to patch things up with him and Lilly after a bad start in Episode 1... He could have survived in my opinion.

Used the cow prodder... at that point I was ready to murder somebody in the sickest way possible.

Killed Danny, and let Andy live due to Clem seeing me murder somebody and being horrified by it.

Took the supplies. Sucked that I was 0/2 for doing the right things in Clem's eyes at the end of the game (I guess 1/3 if you count Larry), but it's basic survival instinct to know that food supply is necessary for survival.

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  • Chopped David's leg off. I thought it was canon. Damn episode previews...
  • Gave food to: the kids, obviously, Larry because I wanted to get on the good side of the only guy who knows I'm a murderer, and Mark because he apparently gave us food so I think he deserves it. He was also pretty weak, apparently.
  • I didn't shoot the "crazy" woman. From the moment I walked onto that farm I knew EVERYTHING that was going to go down and I wanted to figure out the truth. Poor girl.
  • Stopped Clem from eating. I was fuckin' clicking and hitting all numbers and running all at once. It was close.
  • Sided with Lilly. Fucking Hell, Kenny; I can't believe how much of a hypocrite he was this episode. And even still, there were so many better ways to handle that situation. Oh, and way to help me when there was a gun barrel in my face. I gave him a real piece of my mind at the end. After I saved your wife and kid? Fuck you, man. Glad Duck is starting to realize how much of a little shit his dad is.
  • I didn't kill the brothers. I was about to kill the first but suddenly realized that I shouldn't go down to their fucked up level, and threw it in the hay. I pummeled the fuck out of the second until people gathered around me, and I got off him realizing the same. It was amazing to walk away. Well worth it.
  • Didn't take the supplies since Clem didn't want to and I want her to believe I still have hope in this world. In the end, we're going to both survive regardless. It was a tough decision, still.


Mark ;_;7 you were the ultimate bro, even as a walker

#37 Posted by TheHumanDove (2521 posts) -


I lol'd. He truly was a walker bro

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@Swifdemon said:

  • Chopped David's leg off. I thought it was canon. Damn episode previews...

I agree. The preview made me suspicious and biased against the St Johns.

  • Chopped off his leg. (His coming back scared the shit out of me. Well done, Telltale.)
  • Gave the food to the kids, Carley (but she rejected), Mark and Lilly.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene. It was pretty obvious she knew what was going on at the dairy.
  • Prevented Clem from eating the 'barbecue'. Poor Mark.
  • Helped Lilly because she is a better leader than Kenny. Even Lee says so at one point - "Kenny is too emotional". Even if Larry was a jerk, it's not fair to take out my anger on Lilly. Same goes for Kenny. He's an idiot, but I still care for his family.
  • Didn't kill the brothers. I'd figured they were done anyway - electric fence went out, they had no guns, etc.
  • Didn't take the supplies.

Amazing episode. Great game so far. I hope it keeps up untill the end.

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  • Chopped Dave's leg off
  • Gave food to the kids. Mark cause he said he was weak, and Larry to maybe break some tension and lighten his mood a little
  • Didn't shoot Jolene, knew something was up with that family
  • Prevented Clementine from consuming human meat
  • Helped Lilly because she is a strong person, and for all i knew Larry wasn't dead. And Kenny has failed me a couple of times now. Used to like him, but he can go fuck him self from now on
  • Didn't kill the brothers, they weren't going no where
  • Didn't take the supplies, have no way of knowing who the vehicle belonged to, and ultimately i didn't want to disappoint Clementine.
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  • Chopped David's leg off.
  • Gave food to: Clem, Duck, Mark and Larry. I chose the kids and the two weakest people. Mark was visibly fatigued and Larry was recovering from a heart attack. despite how he hated me. I fed two dead people.....fucking waste!! Oh well. Everyone seemed happy in my choices.
  • Shot Jolene. While I wanted some dirt on the Dairy brothers. I was already sure and she was just going crazier, thought safer to kill her. Recording later further reinforced she was dangerous to the group. Even thou she was gonna be shot anyways.
  • Successfully warned Clementine not to eat Mark. Laugh while Duck scoffed it down.
  • While Larry was an asshole, I couldn't just be an asshole too. So tried to revive him. I knew after a few pushes you breath into someones mouth. I moused over Larrys mouth...no option to do CPR then WHAM!! No head!
  • I didnt kill the Brother cos I thought It was more trouble. Thanked my luck since Clem was near by. Second Brother I didnt punch much and then didn't kill as the whole group was watching. They will all die by the walker.
  • Clem completly guilted me into not raiding the car....also Kenny being a dick. I gave him shit for it all. I couldn't just become a hypocrite.
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I love how everyone gave food to the kids, I bet most gave the cheese and crackers too.

You duders are all right!

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@jozzy: I actually gave Clem the apple for the sole reason that it as the biggest (and healthiest) thing available in terms of portions and i gave duck one of the two cheese and crackers because i figured he wouldn't like jerky
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  • Chopped the man's leg
  • Gave food to the kids, Ben and Mark. The kids got the crackers, Ben had the jerky and Mark got the apple.
  • I didn't shoot Jolene. I knew something was up when I found Clemetine's hat in the tent.
  • Stopped Clementine from eating
  • Tried to revive Larry. I didn't want to side with Kenny because of his racist remarks and his increasingly loose grip on the situation at hand. At least Larry had good reason to be a dick.
  • Let both brothers live
  • Sided with Clem and didn't take the supplies

Kenny's character seemed almost dichotomous in this episode. One moment he was praising me for my decisions and the next he was berating me for not siding with him in the drug store (which I did, but I guess the choice didn't carry over properly).

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  • Chopped off the duder's leg,
  • Gave food to the kids, Mark and Larry to get Lilly on my side. Tried to give some to Carley before Mark but she wasn't having any of it.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene since I wanted to hear what she had to say.
  • Failed to warn Clem. Apparently shouting "It's people!" wasn't good enough.
  • I sided with Lilly so Kenny killed Larry. Thought they actually did a good job of humanizing Larry a bit more in this episode and showing he has some good qualities, even if he'll always be a dick to you. Plus I'm not in the habit of murdering people just yet.
  • Though I did kill the first brother! Guy had it coming with his weird gun fetish and the fact HE'S A FUCKING CANNIBAL! Their mum died and I left the other brother alive since Clem didn't need to see me murder anyone else. He got what was coming anyway.
  • Took the food since who would leave it? Survival above all else, even if I felt bad about disappointing Clem.

@bearklaw19 said:

So far in the two episodes I have sided with Kenny on pretty much everything, At the beginning of the episode I thought Mark could be in our two man wolf pack but obviously that didnt turn out well, Did anybody NOT go to the dairy farm?, or cut the guys leg off?, im curious to see what would happen.

I had the whole saves-not-carrying-over-glitch when I first started so I played that first scene before restarting it once I found a work-a-round. The first time I didn't manage to cut the guys leg off in time so he was left there to die. The guy who gets eaten if you save him instead goes for Kenny's gun and is accidentally shot in the gut so you take him back to the motel instead. I imagine things play out the same from there with him becoming a zombie rather than the other guy.

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  • Chopped the kid's leg off.
  • Gave food to Clementine, Duck, Lilly, and Carly
  • Didn't shoot Jolene
  • Stopped Clementine from eating
  • Sided with Kenny to kill Larry
  • Didn't kill the brothers
  • Took the supplies
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I freaked the fuck out when trying to get Clem to not eat the food, so she ate some.

Also, Kenny was a dick in this episode, I sided with Larry. Then, Kenny, who only furthers his complete dickitude, drops a fucking salt lick on Larry's head. Nice dude, right?

I didn't kill either of the brothers, and I made sure to pick the cattle prod so I didn't mortally wound anyone.

I also didn't take the supplies from the car. I guess I'm just a nice guy in this series. I'm always a dick in most video games.

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Chopped leg off - thought I was on a time limit and acted fast.

Gave food to Clem, Duck, Lily, tried to give food to Kennys Wife and Carly but both refused. Gave Food to Mark because it was ultimately thanks to him there was food.

Did not shoot Jolene I actually really thought her to be Clems crazed mom who had tried to find her at that moment.

Did great entrance with DO NOT EAT THIS IT IS PEOPLE!

Sided with Lily, enough time to bash him in if he is confirmed dead - he actually breathed before he was saltlicked.

Killed both brothers and made a point that the kids saw it. Show kids that evil can be defeated and killed and later in their lives they will not fear it but act against it. There are crimes that are beyond forgiveness. And a shot to the brain is mercy enough.

Did not take the supplies. I am not a bandit.

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  • Glanced at the chain, but went straight for the leg. I've both read Watchmen and seen Mad Max. I know the chain isn't likely to be taken down by an axe.
  • Fed Duck and Clem, like most (if not all). Then I fed Mark and Carley because they seemed the weakest. Not sure what I did different, but Carley took my offer of food.
  • Did not shoot Jolene for the same reasons most here have already stated.
  • Stopped Clem from eating the meat.
  • Tried to help bring Larry back. I actually agree with Kenny's method, but would have suggested waiting until resuscitation had failed. If he had stood by and waited for an actual turn, the friction between group members could have been easier to mend.
  • Went with scythe.
  • Killed the first brother as quickly as possible--tried to prevent him from speaking any more than necessary. I didn't personally kill Andy--I made it clear to him that his family wasn't coming to help him, and left him crippled screaming at me to finish it. As I walked, Zombie Mom is closing in on Andy to finish him off.
  • I didn't take it because it would have acted against the character I've chosen Lee to be. 'When we're confronted, we fight back to ensure that our attackers can never harm us again. But we're not parasites.' That's Lee's line in my game.
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- Chopped the leg off

- Gave food to the kids, electronics whiz guy, and mark.

- I am one of the 11% who shot Jolene. The hat meant that she was snooping around our camp (potential threat to Clem), and she was pointing a crossbow at me.

- Told Clem to spit it out, but failed to stop her from eating some

- Let Kenny kill Larry. Kenny had a good point and Larry was a total prick. That was the tiebreaker.

- Killed both brothers. Easy choice for me. Wanted to punch the second one to death but it didn't seem possible.

- Took the supplies. Many in a series of decisions that i could tell upset Clem. But it's a harsh world out there and i need to look out for everyones best interests.

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  • Chopped the leg off, wasn't just going to leave the man there.
  • Gave the food to the kids (obviously) and to Mark and Larry, hoping to win Lily and him over with that gesture.
  • Didn't shoot Jolene as I was suspicious of the farmers.
  • Stopped Clem from eating the food, and screamed YOUR EATING PEOPLE.
  • Tried to save Larry, as much of a dick as he was I wasn't going to just off a guy in front of Clem and his Daughter unless there was no other option.
  • Let both brothers live, I left them in pretty rough conditions anyway so i got the feeling they wouldn't be bothering us again.
  • Left the supplies alone, partly because i'm agreed with Clem and also if someone came back and found their supply stash entirely gone they are probably going to come looking for it, and i am not putting the group at risk like that, kinda wish there was an option that could have expressed that point.

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