[Spoilers] What choices did you make in the 1st episode?

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#51 Posted by MoseSSesoM (235 posts) -
  • I lied Herschel (I hate the little timed bar, I didn't have time to read all the choices)
  • I chose to save Duck (Didn't want to kill the kid)
  • I sided with Larry (though I didn't feel I did....but ok)
  • I didn't give the gun to Irene (waste of a bullet)
  • I saved Carley (she can use the only gun in the group)
#52 Posted by Rabid619 (1109 posts) -

Honest with Herschal (I personally can't stand lying, this moral issue always comes through with me to games)
Saved Duck (Sorry Shawn, I'm not going to let a kid die if I have any say in the situation)
Sided with Larry (Apparently. In reality I yelled at Larry then chose the "calm the fuck down" option which apparently puts you on his side. How?)
Didn't give to gun to Irene (Didn't want the gunshot to attract the horde, was hoping we could find a more silent way to "help" her)
Saved Carley (I liked her, seemed level headed and was good with a gun. Approved!)
Really enjoyed episode one, though I just finished watching season 2 so I'm on a bit of a Walking Dead binge. The section at the motel was great, having to figure out how to take out all of the zombies without attracting the attention of the others felt great. Bring on the next!... wait, it's a month away? :( Nooooo

#53 Posted by Milkman (17329 posts) -

I was honest with Hershel. (I didn't know anything about my past so why would I lie?)
I saved Duck. (He's a kid, man)
I sided with Kenny. (Larry is a dickhead) 
I gave the gun to Irene. (Pretty powerful moment)
I saved Carley. (It's what Doug would have wanted)

#54 Posted by Redbullet685 (6085 posts) -

@killacam said:

@Alex said:

  • Chose to save Shawn, and he died anyway! Is it actually possible to save Shawn?

No there is not. This is because Shawn is dead in the comics by the time Rick and Co. gets to Herschel's farm and the game is canonical to the comics.

#55 Posted by insane_shadowblade85 (1532 posts) -

I don't remember everything even though I beat it a few hours ago. I just remember how much I loved Clementine. She's so adorable! I do remember that I told that...Duck's dad, to punch the old asshole. That and I tried to find the key to make Glenn stay with the group =(

Fuck the show and comic, your obligation is to the game now damn it!

#56 Posted by tallTuck94 (553 posts) -
  • Honest to Hershel
  • Saved Shawn
  • Defended Kenny and confronted Larry myself rather than telling Kenny to punch him
  • Gave Irene the gun
  • Saved Carley because she saved my life and she is one hell of a shot
  • A couple of quick question to those that sided with Larry, does he still punch you at the end? Does Kenny still save you even though you supported Larry?

    #57 Edited by Irvandus (2890 posts) -
    • I was honest
    • I saved Duck, cause, dude he's a little kid.
    • Of course I sided with Kenny, didn't sacrifice Shawn for nothing.
    • I gave here the gun, I believe in mercy.
    • I saved Doug because I'm a rebel also if geeks can't stick together in the apocalypse who can.
    #58 Posted by hbkdx12 (779 posts) -
    #59 Edited by Tennmuerti (8174 posts) -

    What exactly do you have to say to Hershel for it to count as truth?
    I went for the most honest answers I saw, told him i was in a cop car, but he told me i was lying??? WTF. 

    #60 Posted by Monkeyman04 (1225 posts) -
    • I was dis-honest with Herschel (Only after he called me out on it did I tell the truth)
    • I chose to save Shawn (Duck's really annoying)
    • I sided with Kenny
    • I didn't give the gun to Irene ( was hoping there was a "use ax" option)
    • I saved Carley (she's the only one that can use a gun, so my though was that we needed her skills more then Doug's electronic skills.)
    #61 Posted by SuperSambo (2885 posts) -

    I didn't want to give the gun as the gunshot would be noisy and wasted bullet!

    I thought that option would lead to an axe death, yet I supposedly did the compassionate option...

    #62 Posted by Phatmac (5728 posts) -

    Honest with Hershel

    Saved Shawn

    Sided with Kenny

    Gave the gun

    Saved Carley

    #63 Posted by probablytuna (3829 posts) -
    • It said I was honest to Hershel, but I don't remember being overly honest about what happened before the outbreak. I said "nobody" instead of "police".
    • I saved Shawn cause I had a feeling that Duck was gonna be saved by his dad (And come on, they wouldn't off a kid in like 10 minutes of playing... Right?)
    • Sided with Kenny (Cause fuck Larry, everything I did in the drug store helped one person or another, hell I practically saved his life so fuck him)
    • Didn't give the gun to Irene but she took it anyway
    • Saved Carley cause she has the gun and I knew her more than Doug. (It was probably the toughest choice cause Doug seems like a pretty useful guy to keep too, if there's any problems with electronics in the future...)
    #64 Posted by Grillbar (1913 posts) -

    i have never watched the tv show or read the comic so theres that.

    i left during the day cuz hey im not stupid i do know a few things about zombies.

    I was honest with Herschel (i diddent know my backstory and also if i lied things would eventually come back to bite me, and i would have ended up worse)

    I chose to save duck (i really wanted to save Shawn but hoped that duck was faster to save so i had a chance at saving shawn afterwards but i knew the game would not let me so even though the kid is pretty much useless and a nuisance to everyone, oh and shawn you dont let a fucking kid ride the tractor without making sure that he cant fuck it up )

    I sided with kenny (as much as an asshole he is im not going to take it out on the rest of his family)

    I give the gun to Irene (She was bitten, she wanted to die and not be a zombie, and i was willing to take the risk)

    I saved Carley (a really hard choice, but it basicly came down to she was a crack shot and i diddent really want to think about the long run)

    and i fucking love clem she is so cute.

    also got a question if they knew how to use the padlock to lock the door (and most likely unlock it before that) at the shop in the first place why the fuck did i have to bust it open with an axe letting all the zombies in in the first place

    @BeachThunder said:

    @HighPriest said:

    • I left Clementine's house at night (Yeah, adding a sixth dot. Just did this since it wasn't shown in the Quicklook though, otherwise would have definitely gone with the leave now option.)

    Well, is there much difference between leaving at night and leaving during the day?

    if you go during the day you meet dough and shawn.

    if you leave during the night you meet shawn and a police officer and also dough as a zombie. the end is still the same also there is a slight difference in response from Hershel but nothing important

    #65 Posted by RoxasXIII (144 posts) -

    So if you save Doug, does he actually remain with you afterwards? And does he show up in the preview for the next episode as well? I wasn't sure if this choice was the same as the Duck or Shawn choice where either way only Duck lives. The reason why I ask is cause I saved Carley and don't know what happens when you save Doug (obviously haha).

    #66 Posted by OtakuGamer (1288 posts) -
    • Lied to Herschel because things would have gotten complicated if I told him the truth. Apparently the next day he found out I was lying. :/
    • I chose to save Shawn. He would have been useful but that proved ineffective.
    • I sided with Kenny although I did say I would throw the kid outside if he was indeed bitten. I confronted Larry afterwards.
    • I didn't give the gun to Irene because it would have attracted attention.
    • I saved Carley because she was a good shot. Although I might throw her to the zombies given the chance since Larry and Co. somehow found out the secret unless someone can tell me how the fuck they just knew. XD
    #67 Posted by OtakuGamer (1288 posts) -

    @hbkdx12 said:


    yeah he still punches you as you try to go through the door (presumably because he's knows you're a murderer as later revealed)

    Kenny comes back for you and still helps you only difference is instead of him saying "I'm not gonna let another man die especially one that's a good friend" he says "I'm not gonna let another man die even if he is an asshole"

    I sided with Kenny and yet he still calls me an asshole at the end. Is it just because I would of thrown the kid out if he was bitten? ...they would of done that to Clem. ¬_¬

    #68 Posted by hbkdx12 (779 posts) -
    @Grillbar:  Presumably they were hiding in the store and weren't attracting the attention of any zombies so they just had the gate closed until you showed up where glen had to put a random lock on it that apparently wasn't necessary before that *shrugs*
    @RoxasXIII: Yes, doug will be in the preview for the next episode if you save him 
    @OtakuGamer: yeah that's probably why lol
    #69 Edited by Turtlebird95 (2616 posts) -

    I was honest with Hershel (Seemed like a nice guy)

    Tried to save Shawn (Because I knew Kenny saves Doug no matter what.)

    Sided with Kenny (Larry is a jackass.)

    Tried to keep the gun from Irene (Didn't want to take any chances of her shooting anyone.)

    Saved Doug (But I regretted this after he told me I should've saved Carley)

    Also, when the opportunity inevitably comes, I'll let Larry die. That fucker needs to go.
    #70 Posted by Athadam (705 posts) -

    Man... I can't wait to kill Larry. You save his life by getting the pills, which in turn compromises everyone else's life (the alarm), and then he punches you in the face.

    I hope they give you the option of letting him be eaten by walkers.

    I'm quite evil :(

    #71 Posted by ImHungry (377 posts) -
    • Was honest with Herschel, didn't want to piss off the man with the farm
    • Saved Shawn, he saved my life so I tried to save his. Besides, it was the kid's fault in the first place.
    • I apparently sided with Larry? I think it's because I tried to reason with him, I shouted at Larry right after though. The preview has my hopes up that I get to kill him next episode.
    • Didn't give the gun to Irene, or more specifically I kept quiet and shit hit the fan.
    • Saved Carley, she seems cool enough about keeping my secret and she can shoot with some insane accuracy. Also just because I hadn't spent too much time with Doug, although I'll admit him calling me a good guy really made me stop and think.
    #72 Posted by eloj (501 posts) -
    The Walking Dead - Episode 1 choices.

    My choices and stats, from 2012-06-09.

    #73 Posted by bearklaw19 (79 posts) -

    - I think I lied to hershal, that was the first major choice in the game and I didnt reall yknow what to do, so i Panicked and lied

    -I saved Duck, from the moment it gave me the choice I didnt hesitate, Id save a kid over a grown ass man anyday.

    - Sided with Kenny, I was a one man wolf pack, now that I've sided with kenny in both episodes he is now the second man in my wolf pack.

    - Gave the gun to Irene, she was gooing to die and become a zombie, why would I let someone suffer through that?

    -I saved Doug, he was a wiz with electronics and gadgets that could help the group out, and the last thing I need is some bitch knowing my secret.

    #74 Posted by ashleychittock (135 posts) -
    • Honest with Herschel. I'm playing quite a direct and straight Lee who isn't afraid to say his mind.
    • Saved Duck. Always kids first.
    • Sided with Kenny, because kids first.
    • Gave the gun to Irene. I was actually waiting for a moment when she tried to kill herself but couldnt (thereby forcing Lee to do it), was surprised it didn't come.
    • Saved Carley. Liked how the story gave you both emotional and practical reasons to keep the pair around, but Carley's handiness with a gun seems more valuable than Doug's efficiency with TV remotes in the zombie age.
    #75 Posted by Captain_Insano (1565 posts) -
    • Lied to Herschel (I was just trying to be kind of evasive, oh well)
    • Save Shawn, I owed him one and he would have been more useful. Also it's not like he ran himself over. Kenny didn't hold it against me
    • Sided with Kenny because I didn't see Duck get bit, so fuck Larry, that dickhead
    • Didn't give the gun, I didn't want a gun fired and attract zombies, I was hoping for an axe wielding option
    • Saved Carley, this seemed the most 'obvious choice' (also judging by the stats). Useful with a gun, saved me already, nice to me. Doug was cool too but gotta make those choices.
    #76 Posted by NTM (7546 posts) -

    The only choice I could make, get out of City 17 with Alyx Vance at my side, personally, I'm waiting for Half Life 3 now... Just kidding. I know that wasn't the question, but every time I see these titles it's what I think of.

    #77 Posted by Nasar7 (2806 posts) -

    Lied to Hershel cause he's a nosy asshole.

    Saved Duck because his dad has a boat. A freakin' boat! Yeah, I'm cold like that.

    Sided with Kenny because Duck wasn't bit. Also, the boat. Also, fuck Larry.

    Didn't give the gun, was hoping to chop her head off with the axe.

    Saved Carly because she's a great shot/seemed more useful.

    #78 Posted by ashogo (944 posts) -

    Lied to Hershel because I wasn't sure if I could trust him.

    Tried to save Shawn.

    Meant to side with Kenny, but somehow ended up siding with Larry. The dialogue options are annoyingly confusing sometimes.

    Gave her the gun, let the poor girl end it.

    Saved Carly simply because I liked her more. She seemed like a stand-up chick like when she told Lee she knew about his past, but didn't seem to be judging him for it.

    #79 Posted by MistaSparkle (2148 posts) -
    • Lied to Herschel because I thought he would throw me out if I told him the truth.
    • Left Herschel's son to die because I thought that I had to get the kid off the tractor to save Shawn. Then, I guess I missed some prompt because I couldn't locate the thing I had to click, so everyone thinks I'm a bitch who wouldn't even try to save them.
    • I yelled "Stop!" because I thought it would be the most neutral response and settle everything peacefully. Fuck you Larry, you ungrateful ugly prick.
    • Didn't let her have the gun because I didn't want to alert the other dead.
    • And, lastly, saved Carley because I can't read women and totally thought she was into me. Damnit...Oh, yeah and she's got a fucking gun which I hope will be pretty useful.

    Man, this game is a whole lot of fun, and I'm getting pretty invested with the characters and situations, which is awesome. Glad I helped Clementine that second time. I felt really bad for not knowing what to do when Carley had to save her.

    #80 Posted by Zuldim (287 posts) -
    • I lied to Hershel. (Thought keeping my past to myself was a good idea.)
    • I saved Duck. (He's just a kid, and I wanted his dad to trust me.)
    • I sided with Kenny.
    • I gave the gun to Irene. (C'mon, the poor girl had herself barricaded in, and was obviously in pain.)
    • I saved Carley. (She's the only one in the group who we know is good with a gun... And yet somehow doesn't know how batteries work. Agh.)
    #81 Posted by LikeaMetaphor (49 posts) -
    • I told the truth to Hershel, apparently. Didn't lie to him, but I don't think I told him the truth, either.
    • I saved Shawn. Seemed like the more 'practical' choice, even if he did die. At least Kenny wasn't mad at me.
    • I sided with Larry, because I panicked and picked the option that seemed most like resorting to killing Duck ONLY if he was bitten. Made up with Kenny afterwards, though.
    • I didn't give the gun to the lady. She had to die, but I'm certainly not giving a crazy person a gun.
    • I saved Doug, in part because guns seem to be useless when they'll attract zombies (unless you have pillows), in part because my friend saved Carley and I wanted to see how my story differed.

    Overall, really impressed with the game, and I can't wait to play part 2 tomorrow!

    #82 Posted by Unavailable (54 posts) -
    • Was honest to Hersehel (didn't see why not)
    • Tried to save Duck. Maybe shouldn't have, because he's annoying and I'm starting to hate Kenny despite siding with him
    • Sided with Larry (because I tried to be reasonable, I wasn't trying to take Larry's side)
    • Gave Irene the gun (merciful)
    • Saved Carley, because she's cute and actually reasonable and nice to talk to unlike many other survivors.
    #83 Posted by Terramagi (1158 posts) -

    Told Hershel the truth. Honesty is the best policy.

    Tried to save Shaun. Kenny was RIGHT THERE, he could save him. And I was right.

    Tried to reason with him.

    Gave her the gun.

    Saved Doug, because Carley was grabbed by the foot and she could probably get away if she tried hard enough. Plus, "electronics guy" is harder to find in post-apocalyptica than "person who can shoot and doesn't know how batteries work".

    #84 Posted by Morrow (1823 posts) -

    What, of the five main choices, did you make in the first episode?

    • I was honest with Herschel (I love Herschel from the comics, how could I lie to him)
    • I chose to save Shawn (Duck ran him over, that asshole!)
    • I sided with Larry (I thought I sided with Kenny, actually)
    • I did give the gun to Irene (She was bitten, she wanted to die and not be a zombie)
    • I saved Carley (She is a crack-shot and I believe Doug would've wanted me to save her)

    I made the exact same choices except that I sided with Kenny (after accidentally siding with Larry and reloading :D).

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