Standard or Minimal UI?

#1 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) -

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Three Episodes in, I'm using standard. I quite like seeing the little notifications, they add a weight to my actions that I might not otherwise notice. X will remember Y.

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Minimal, I don't want to be told what people think of me when I make a choice, and I want to explore the places rather than being told where to go.

#4 Posted by csl316 (11118 posts) -

Minimal, feels more natural.

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@Geurge said:

Minimal, I don't want to be told what people think of me when I make a choice, and I want to explore the places rather than being told where to go.

Pretty much this. But also like said it has it's problems with mine being:

In episode 2 after you escape the meat locker and try to take down Danny/Andy whatever. Took me 10 tries to find the spot to click on, after you knock his gun away, fast enough.
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Turn off story prompts, turn on UI hints.

Not being able to see what you can interact with in a game with a shitload of things you could POTENTIALLY interact with will literally kill you.

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Minimal. I don't want to know whether a choice is important or not, I'd rather assume that they all are.

#9 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) -

Has anyone played the game once on minimal once on standard? I'm going through on minimal for my first playthrough and am thinking about doing it in standard if I play the game again.

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Standard. I'm there for choices and story. Not for walking around looking for every last nook and cranny for hours.

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No prompts, but UI hints on.

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Turn off the story prompts, because I don't want to know what people think of me so explicitly and know which decisions are major and not, but turn on UI hints because I'm not into pixel hunting and pointless exploration.

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Standard. I can appreciate someone wanting to get immersed. But what really takes me out of a game is getting pissed off at not being able to figure out what I can and can't interact with.

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I played through it all on minimal, was totally fine.

#15 Posted by Chtasm (469 posts) -

Minimal! I tried the demo with Standard and didn't like the notifications about people thoughts about my actions. Item prompts were somewhat obvious, but I did get stuck in some parts (the drugstore, for example).

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I was in between. I knew I didn't want to get tripped up by not being able to find something or pressing the wrong button in a QTE so I kept on the button prompts and the little white dots. I got rid of the part that tells you when you've made a choice or that the game is remembering your choices. I just wanted to play it as if it was a movie.

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