Telltale planning more 'Walking Dead' series, first season coming

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I hope if they announce anything else about a new season they don't spoil if its going to continue the adventures of the current characters, otherwise that spoils that they won't all be killed off or that they made it out alive.

#3 Posted by killacam (1278 posts) -

best news ive heard all year

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I really think that they are on to something with this and so long as they can get the series out in a decent time (alongside the series, or just after s3 of the series finishes) then it'll do very well for them.

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YES !!


#6 Posted by killacam (1278 posts) -

they should just stick to this for the rest of their days

#7 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7098 posts) -

That's the fucking best news. Thank you, OP, for sharing.

#8 Posted by Subjugation (4754 posts) -

Telltale found their calling. I think they know it too.

#9 Posted by _Chad (960 posts) -

hot damn, that is fantastic news.

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This game is good enough to stop me from reading the comics in case there is heavy crossover. Second episode might be the best thing i've played this year. Really wished i had someone to call up and talk to about it as soon as I finished (i came here instead).

#11 Posted by probablytuna (3893 posts) -

This is good news. Really looking forward to what happens in the coming episodes.

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this is the greatest piece of video game related news I've heard in a LONG while.

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Fucking YES

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Awesome news. I love this game so far.

#16 Posted by Soap_of_Death (93 posts) -

Good news. Given how good the first two episodes have been, it was a little sad to think of how there would only be three more.

#17 Posted by Zuldim (287 posts) -

Definitely a good route for them to go. I really liked Puzzle Agent, and what I played of the Back to the Future game was pretty good, but this is EASILY their best game. (Love Poker Night at the Inventory though, wish they'd continue that franchise.)

#18 Posted by MrMuscle (450 posts) -

I just hope they manage to get the episodes out faster. I concur with what Ryan said about it feeling like it took to long between episode 1 and 2.

#19 Posted by ValiantGrizzly (497 posts) -

This excites and pleases me. The Walking Dead is some of the best stuff I've played this year.

That might be a testament to the quality of this year's games, but still. It's been an amazing 2 episodes.

#20 Posted by BrainSonata (104 posts) -

I'm excited and scared. Telltale have really pushed the boat out with this series so far but they have a tendency of having some episodes in their series that are better than others, hopefully they can remain consistent for 5 episodes and then we'll have to wait and see if they can pull off the same magic for Season 2.

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