The Stranger's car in episode 1

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Over on the "The Walking Dead" subreddit, someone pointed out that the car with the food can be seen in the start of episode 1.

Now to be honest, I think this is more likely a case of reusing assets, but it's still kind of cool.

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Very cool indeed.

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Oh shit.

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I dont think Taletell would be as careless as that just being a reused asset

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Mind. Blown.

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Woah, thats crazy! I'm just going to pretend it wasn't a used assest and it was purposely put there,

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Ha! That's awesome.

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Oh wow, I really hope that was placed there on purpose.

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@Smokay: the car in the woods is not a one of a kind

i don't see a problem with reusing the assets when it depicts a mass produced things

it being the same car would have no effect on the story, you had no effect on the strangers life until you stole his food
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It's nice to think that there's some significance in that, but it's almost definitely just re-using assets.

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Just checked to see if that car was used in the part where you have to push the car out of the way, where you can see more cars in the background, after meeting Clem for the first time, and I couldn't see it. 
Thought that makes it a little bit more probable that it wasn't just a reused asset, seeing as they apparently had quite a few other car models to choose from. 
Then again, it could just be a neat little coincidence.

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@DonutFever: oh yeah, he totally was. That story matches pitch for pitch and he even describes the character. Loved all the little shout outs to the comics

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Cool coincidence maybe?

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@Sgtpierceface: Makes so much sense after


Beating episode 5

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Of course it's intentional. If they were just reusing assets, why wouldn't they just use some other car? There were plenty. Everything all ties back together, it makes sense thematically -- plus it's a nice little easter egg of sorts. It's not like some artist just reused that particular station wagon without realizing it or thinking about it.

Also, this thread seems vaguely spoilery.

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I think you should have put a spoiler warning... Just saying

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