The Walking Dead is coming to the VITA.

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Better check The Walking Dead website source code for some sweet IGN scoops!

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That's neat I guess, but are there really a lot of people who don't own one of the many, many, other platforms this game is available on AND own a Vita? It seems like a small market.

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Who on earth are the demographic who are waiting to play this on Vita?! Sigh, video games

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Sure, it's a small market, but hey it's good they're getting the game everywhere it can be. More Walking Dead is never a bad thing.

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That's awesome. At the same time, this seems like a game best experienced with a great stereo and a good TV/monitor.

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@tylea002 said:

More Walking Dead is never a bad thing.

I'm not entirely sure about this...

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@tylea002 said:

More Walking Dead is never a bad thing.

I'm not entirely sure about this...

More platforms to play this amazing game is never a bad thing.

I forgot, for a glorious second, that The Walking Dead had ten thousand comics and shows and stories already, and knew it only as a 5 episode study of the player's humanity.

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That engine will run like SHIT on a vita.

Well, maybe they´ll clean it up. Probably not.

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