The Walking Dead's Faces of Death: Part 1

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#101 Posted by Vigorousjammer (2480 posts) -

I saved Doug because I hoped Carley would be fine with her gun.

I don't regret it, Playing through the next few episodes, Doug became a pretty awesome character.

#102 Posted by yodasears (21 posts) -

I tried to save Shaun, precisely because he was stuck under the tractor. And Carley, because A) gun and B) she's doing me a solid with not telling peeps who I am. To be honest, kinda feel old enough now that hearing people talk about how it was saving the hot girl is demeaning.

(Yes, I'm late to the party - wanted all 5 to be out before I started and tonight was first chance I had to tackle Ep1.)

These articles are fantastic postscripts for the episodes tho, so I am glad I waited. :D

#103 Posted by Junpei (725 posts) -

@yodasears: those are the exact same reasons I went for Carley. Having a gun versus potentially losing said gun made a big difference.

I guess I'm a little late to it myself. Got the first two episodes free on PSN+ a few months back and just now got around to them. Needless to say I bought the rest. Just finished episode 3 today.

#104 Posted by Fishdingo5 (26 posts) -

Doug all the way. She had a gun, common use the damn gun and leave that purse alone.

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