TWD discounted on XBLA Marketplace

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I hear the XBLA version runs like shit.

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Cool. I didn't know they were already on sale. I just picked up ep5 for 200MSP.

@msavo: Not really. I didn't notice any problems that would categorize it as "shit". Other than the lack of an invert Y option. That's pretty dumb of them to forget.

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Got 'em all for $10 after playing Ep. 1 for free. :]

Cool deal. And no, it runs fine on xbox.

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I knew I'd forgotten about something important! I read about this a few weeks back and then totally forgot so thank you for reminding me! =D

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@msavo said:

I hear the XBLA version runs like shit.

You heard wrong. It works perfectly fine.

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@msavo said:

I hear the XBLA version runs like shit.

the disc version for XBOX is the big problem apparently.

XBLA isn't perfect, but it works well

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Quite a deal.

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€10 for all of the walking dead is great. It's even cheaper than the steam sale which is crazy.

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Will you be able to keep episode 1 if you download it for free now? or will it somehow be deleted as soon as it is not free anymore?

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