TWD Episode 1 is FREE on XBL 12/25-12/31

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Obviously since I just bought Episode 1 two days ago, they will now be putting it up for free for a limited time, Christmas Day through New Year's Eve. Also, on the 28th, episodes 2-5 will be on sale (no price announced yet). So if you're on the fence or just getting into this game, you'll want to wait a few days before buying.

Source: (Also a huge list of upcoming XBL sales)

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Thanks for making the sacrifice for the rest of us.

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My monies...

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Masters at taking advantage of proper timing.

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@project343 said:

Masters at taking advantage of proper timing.


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OK cool. Maybe I'll give it a try then. Or not. Thanks for the heads up regardless tc.

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I'll let my friends know in the coming weeks.

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Also free on IOS

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Awesome list! I already have Walking Dead on PS3 but I may pick up Mark of the Ninja, Super Meat Boy and Skyrim with this sale if the price is low enough. Also I recommend anyone who hasn't played Trials Evolution to pick it up on the 24th.  
Does anyone know if this is only for Gold members or will my Silver ass be able to take advantage of the sales?

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@DarthOrange: I think silver members can pick up these deals as well, but I'm not 100% sure.

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@Cincaid said:

@DarthOrange: I think silver members can pick up these deals as well, but I'm not 100% sure.

I can confirm these deals are also for silver members, just picked up Mark of the Ninja at a discount.
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I will probably just end up getting this on disc because I hate digital copies.

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now you, too can open the new year with complete sadness!

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Meh, I still won't get it.

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@DarthOrange: Sweet! Enjoy an awesome game. :D

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Bought all of them three weeks ago. I regret nothing.

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You should probably just go ahead and buy this. I hear it's one of the best games of the year.

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Thats really smart will probably sell them alot more of the remaining episodes.

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Just a reminder - this deal is live now! It's not advertised on the dash yet but if you go through the purchase process you'll see it's free when you go to confirm the purchase.

It'll probably be promoted on the dashboard once they update overnight.

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You can also download it from now if you're currently away from your 360.

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