Walking Dead Regrets

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Not to state the obvious, but spoilers. It's an old game, but I just go through it and 400 Days that I got on sale.

When Lilly straight-up murdered Carley, I wanted to restart the whole episode right then and there. She was obviously being set up as a love interest, but I wished there was something I could have done (from what I understand, no I couldn't). Fast forward to 400 Days, Russell jumps down next to a corpse and when the camera angle changes, I recognize the purple coat and feel it all over again. God damn it.

That's my story. I still didn't redo the episode - I figure this game is all about consequence, and any deviation from the "one truth" of the playthrough would be a betrayal.

What about you? What are your regrets? Did anyone actually replay a section? If so, how could you?

PS For those who did leave Lilly, is she there with Carley/Doug, or not?

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Not being able to save Carly was definitely one of my biggest regrets playing the game. I didn't feel as bad when I found out there was no way to save her, but still.

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Killing that first brother in front of Clementine.

I wouldn't undo it though, and I did end up killing the second brother as well. But maybe if I didn't kill the first one I wouldn't have felt as okay with killing the second. Oh god.

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@theht said:

Killing that first brother in front of Clementine.

I wouldn't undo it though, and I did end up killing the second brother as well. But maybe if I didn't kill the first one I wouldn't have felt as okay with killing the second. Oh god.

She had seen some shit, she was going to see more shit. I didn't kill the first, killed the second. Besides, he had nothing to live for anyway, and when a man taunts or asks you to kill him, finish the job, you do it.

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@ch3burashka: But I felt so bad after she saw!

Geez, episode 2 might be my favourite episode. So fucking brutal. That was the episode that convinced me this was something special.

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Trying to save Duck.

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I replayed the whole game through episode 4, but not exactly by choice.

Was playing through the game on the PS3, but I was one of the people who got a corrupted save at the end of Episode 4. There was a Steam sale going on for the game shortly after that, and so I picked the game up through that and played it again on my PC instead.

Going through the game a second time, there was only one major choice I changed, and that was during Episode 1 when you first meet Lilly's group. Originally I played that decision while trying to calm everyone down, and I planned to side with Kenny the whole time, but just trying to calm everyone down automatically makes you side with Larry.

That's the only major thing I changed (may have picked a few different dialogue options that didn't affect anything just to see how a few little things changed during conversations, or because I couldn't remember what I originally said before)

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I regret shooting the crazed woman in episode 2.

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Carly died ages ago, Doug is the only one I cared about

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Apparently I did things in the wrong order and completely skipped the conversation with Carly that was supposed to be setting up the love interest. She was just a cool person who was killed to me, I had no idea where people were getting this whole romance thing from until I looked it up.

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This might be a weird one, but on a recent replay I only changed a single decision which I previously regretted; I hid my bite. Now I know everyone finds out anyway and it's actually better for Lee to immediately tell everyone, but I dunno, narratively it felt more "right" to me having everyone but Ben abandon Lee as he tries to stay strong and not worry people.

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Killing the first brother in front of clementine. Stupidly i did not notice she was there.

Cutting my arm off. I replayed the episode when i was 2 minutes in because of this decision. I later realized that its better to cut it off otherwise everybody gives you s*** for it later

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