Who had the "best" death? (Season Spoilers)

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#51 Posted by RecSpec (4708 posts) -

I saw Lee's coming (didn't make it any easier, but it was inevitable), but Kenny's was the one that hit me the worst. He was a pretty self-centered ass most of the time, but I get where he was coming from. 
I probably should've told him to fuck off a couple times, but I tried to calm the situation, I even let him beat the crap out of me on the train. When he shut that gate, I tried opening it, then tried again, and again. Fuck. 

#52 Posted by FelixCulpa (101 posts) -

Most emotional: Leaving Lee behind/turning

Most shocking: I think I gotta go with Larry cause man that was just the biggest "WTF" but Carley's death was a shocking one as well, and so wanted to replay since I thought I had caused here death.

#53 Posted by weavminas (94 posts) -

@Viking_Funeral: I found Kenny lacking and unreliable. When Lee was at the end of Denny's gun, Kenny hid in the stall paralyzed in fear. He tried to not own his choice with Larry. He denied Duck's situation and I feel that Katjaa killed herself because Kenny made her go through it alone.

I made him face Duck in the end and for a while he made a comeback. His inability to work with the group and boat lust was too much. He makes me ashamed that I moved to Florida.

Reading that I sound like such an ass. Oh well it's a great game that can get this range of responses.

#54 Posted by dudeglove (9661 posts) -

I dropped Ben's ass down the tower and that blood curdling scream sure was something.

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