Why include the radio puzzle? Minor spoilers

#1 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

It's not interesting or challenging and the only purpose it serves is to show that one of the characters is a complete moron.

She's trying to fix a radio but doesn't think to check if it has batteries? You give her batteries but has no idea how batteries work even though there is a diagram to follow?

I know it's a game but COME ON!

#2 Posted by Kidavenger (3883 posts) -

No one in the history of the world has ever put batteries in wrong ever.

#3 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

@Kidavenger: What was the first thing you did after you put your batteries in the wrong way? You check to see if you put the batteries in the wrong way.

#4 Posted by Christoffer (2085 posts) -

The puzzle was kind of pointless but I liked the broadcast that followed. So I didn't mind.

#5 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

Yeah it was pretty damn dumb. I was particularly perturbed when she admitted that she wouldn't even know what to look for when you bring to her attn that there's no batteries? You're a grown fucking adult. I just told you there's no batteries....WTF do you mean you don't know what to look for? And if you bring the remote for the tv and give it to her she says that the radio takes the fat batteries. Really? When the fuck did you become the rocket scientist all of a sudden 
They could've easily relieved that situation of it's complete retardation by having clem play around with the radio and bringing her the batteries. I'm more willing to believe that a young child would put the batteries in backwards. Why not just do that? When the radio came on Carley could've still had the same reaction. 
Damn shame that the person with the gun is the most retarded. 

#6 Posted by BeachThunder (13168 posts) -

I don't know either, even if she had no idea how a radio worked - did she not even look on the other side and notice that there was a hatch with nothing in it? What was she doing the whole time that she was fiddling with the radio? =/ It also took heaps of pixel-hunting to find the batteries, which sucked (I had selectables turned off).

Oh well, she's dead now =/

#7 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -

That damn brick annoyed me as well. The brick was sitting there less than a foot away and everytime i tried to get it before breaking the lock he's like "I can't reach that" 
I was raging so hard. 
But to play devils advocate a bit, when he did open the gate and reach the brick, he reached out about shoulder length suggesting it was a lot further than it looked...but still, they could've showed him trying and having it be just out of reach

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Changing 2 things would have made the puzzle perfectly acceptable in my mind.

Instead of having her trying to fix the radio by staring at just have her say Hey I have a radio but I don't have any batteries. Then if you still want it to be a two part puzzle have her ask you to find an antenna.

Having someone be too lazy to look for what they need in their immediate surroundings is a far more acceptable videogame trope than having someone just be a complete moron.

#9 Posted by RandyF (189 posts) -

The ONLY reason I could think of would be that it needed to show her absolute, complete lack of technological skill so Doug seemed more important and made the choice of which to save harder. But you're right, it was stupid and it seemed like "Dumb hot chick doesn't know how to put batteries in" type of a deal.

#10 Posted by MegaMetaTurtle (419 posts) -

It broke on mine. Gave her the batteries by clicking on the radio and they just kept saying he was still trying to find them :/

#11 Posted by hbkdx12 (800 posts) -
@RandyF: That aspect of it never even crossed my mind but it would be great if that comes into play one way or another during the upcoming episodes
@MegaMetaTurtle: Did you hit the right action button? There's one for just looking at the radio, one for talking to Carley and one for giving her the batteries if you have them
#12 Posted by MegaMetaTurtle (419 posts) -
@hbkdx12 Probably my fault, just didn't seem interesting enough to bother with tbh XD

Going to play it again anyway. Messed up and saved the wrong person in the end.
#13 Posted by NickL (2260 posts) -
This is why I let her die, I really hope that losing that gun doesn't come back to haunt me but the dude actually seems to have useful tech skills. (Not to mention that the preview shows that you will find someone with a rifle in ep 2.)
#14 Posted by ShaggE (7185 posts) -

@hbkdx12 said:

That damn brick annoyed me as well. The brick was sitting there less than a foot away and everytime i tried to get it before breaking the lock he's like "I can't reach that" I was raging so hard. But to play devils advocate a bit, when he did open the gate and reach the brick, he reached out about shoulder length suggesting it was a lot further than it looked...but still, they could've showed him trying and having it be just out of reach

That actually bothered me more than the batteries. He could have easily used the axe the pull it toward him. Granted, he had to open the gate anyway sooner or later, but still.

I know, I know, video games, but the brick was RIGHT THERE.

#15 Posted by Maajin (1142 posts) -

Well, in the end, her stupidity with the radio is what tipped the balance when making my choice at the end. So it served that purpose.

#16 Edited by Yummylee (23278 posts) -

I thought the same thing. Now I kinda hope that it'll be a recurring gag, so every episode there'll be another electronic device that she gets confused by when trying to 'fix'. On the last episode, she'll accidentally kill herself as she attempts to change a light bulb.

EDIT: Also I saved her anywhoo, because she's good with a gun, and i figured she'll become Lee's love interest. Better her than that snooty bitch, Julia. I think that was her name; Larry's daughter in any case.

#17 Edited by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

The batteries being in backwards is the least of my problems. I KNOW this remote control works yet it wont unlock this fucking gate lock to the front door no matter how persistent I am

#18 Posted by lclay (398 posts) -

I only found one battery. Where was the other one?

#19 Posted by Catarrhal (866 posts) -

@lclay said:

I only found one battery. Where was the other one?

It's on the floor, close to where Clementine is sitting (in the main room of the pharmacy--not the back office).

#20 Posted by Yummylee (23278 posts) -

@lclay said:

I only found one battery. Where was the other one?

The one on the shelf I imagine? The other was on the floor, near were Clementine was sitting (I think... it was definitely in the chemist). I needed to turn on gameplay notifications to find it.

#21 Posted by killacam (1320 posts) -


#22 Posted by Village_Guy (2773 posts) -

Ah, video game people using video game logic in video games and somehow the developer still fails to make it seem believable or make sense.

But yeah, that part is really stupid.

#23 Posted by M_Shini (561 posts) -

Without saying what the broadcast actually said, is it a worthwhile thing to actually hear the broadcast or is it something that doesn't mean a whole lot, since i never did find that second battery playing through.

#24 Posted by Yummylee (23278 posts) -

@KittyMeggerz: Not really. It basically just reiterates the obvious and doesn't amount to much. Maybe it'll get referenced down the line should you of repaired it? Hard to say, but even still there's little you're missing if you couldn't find both batteries.

#25 Posted by LiquidHelium (5 posts) -

I thought it was funny and charming.

#26 Posted by ToTheNines (1036 posts) -

It does feel pretty stupid yeah. But it seems like, she trusts you more after her helping her out. And I believe it's a way (granted sorta dumb) of the game letting you know that she's not as tech savi as Dough, who "hacks" remote controls n' shiat.

#27 Posted by Geurge (108 posts) -

@RandyF: Well damn, that's actually a really good reason. The whole thing could have probably been done a little better, but I didn't think about that.

#28 Edited by rethla (1572 posts) -

Mybe shes more like "im not sure what types of batteries to look for and im lazy better you do it" and not "Im to dumb to know what a battery is o0". She is still pretty stupid not being able to put in the batteries the right way but atleast not an retarded monkey.

Also about the gun. Why cant he just save the guy and take the gun?
#29 Posted by ds8k (427 posts) -

How about this one - how did that lady board up her door from the outside?

#30 Posted by Akyho (1818 posts) -

I found two batteries on the shelf near the front of the store. Also, I chose Doug as he seemed better...in hindsight....SHE IT A TOTAL IDIOT! I have no regrets on letting her die. However I have regrets over my indecision over who to save at Hershel farm.........

#31 Posted by Omega (876 posts) -

You know reading a bunch of your comments about why you saved who has made me think that making those choices on a purely emotional level, like I've been doing so far, is going to lead me into a lot of trouble later on.

#32 Posted by BillyBobBaggyBottom (17 posts) -

@ds8k: Yes that one bothered me also.

I found quite a few plot holes while watching an LP of the game, and some other weird questionable outlandish plot points, such as having the guy know every single universal remote code memorized and turning on every TV across the street. Universal remotes do not work that way.

I worry that to avoid plot holes any character you save in the previous episode will have little to do in later episodes to avoid complicated plot twists, but at the same time, I can imagine the amount of plot holes they will fall into if they make every choice accountable for future instalments.

Or maybe they can pull it off showing Bioware how it is really done.

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Zombies have an incalculable affect on a person, I don't think you can say you'd have the calm head to think things through when ~20 undead are moaning outside and you know you are going to have to go through them at some point.

#34 Posted by rockyhorrorgerri (402 posts) -

So I got perturbed during this part. I found both batteries and put them in the radio.... and left to gets the keys and never got back to actually getting the radio to work. If it's spoiling you can write me, but WHAT HAPPENS? Is the radio relevant to the story... what's the broadcast about?

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I found both batteries and still when I went up to her all Lee says is ''Still looking for those batteries''. Glitch? On 360, btw.

Also had some issues with Clementine asking me a question and then suddenly stopping before she finishes asking, and never said it again. Other than that and the aforementioned framerate drops/hitches, it's a terrific game.

#36 Posted by Hunkulese (2968 posts) -

I did enjoy the callback in episode 2 that pokes fun at how dumb the battery puzzle was.

#37 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

It is dumb, but as unbelievable as it sounds, people that dumb do exist.

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