Worth Playing this if I never watched TWD?

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Never watched TWD for more then 2 minutes, and know nothing aboot it.

Are these games for me?

#2 Posted by Slag (4221 posts) -

Well I didn't watch much of TV show and I really liked it.

really you don't need any knowledge of the series to play this game

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If the game seems interesting to you, then yes.

I've never read any of the comics or watched any of the show, but I loved the game.

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I haven't watched anything TWD-related but this game sure as hell is my GOTY. I finished it not 20 minutes ago. I'm a wreck atm. Fuck that game is emotional.

#7 Posted by RecSpec (3798 posts) -

Never watched the show or read the comic and still loved it. The only thing you really miss are a couple of cameos.

#8 Posted by Colourful_Hippie (4337 posts) -

You don't need to know anything about the show or comics and I personally think that the game puts the tv show to shame.

#9 Posted by Raven10 (1759 posts) -

The game tells a different story than the show from my understanding. I played it without having seen the show or watching the comics and didn't feel like I was missing anything. It works just fine as a standalone thing.

#10 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2342 posts) -

The game was my introduction to the series, so I'd say yes.

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Like others have said, you don't really need any knowledge of the show and/or comic to appreciate this game.  I, like many others, am a testament to that.

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The show is bad. The game is amazing. That's really all you need to know.
Unless you want to read the comics, in which case, those are excellent as well.

#14 Posted by Milkman (16611 posts) -

It has absolutely nothing to do with the TV show. Play it.

#15 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1561 posts) -

Absolutely. Yes. Without a doubt. Play it.

#16 Posted by spiceninja (3056 posts) -

You don't need to know anything at all about the comics or the show to enjoy the game since they don't tie together in any meaningful way. Glen from the comics pops up in the first episode and that's really the only connection.

#17 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5201 posts) -

@PlasmaBeam44 said:

You don't need to know anything at all about the comics or the show to enjoy the game since they don't tie together in any meaningful way. Glen from the comics pops up in the first episode and that's really the only connection.

Lily and Herschel are from the comics too.

#18 Posted by Commisar123 (1790 posts) -

Yep, and if you ask me it's better than the show, though maybe not the comics/

#19 Posted by golguin (3868 posts) -

I would say yes since it's better than the show.

#20 Posted by panvixyl (325 posts) -

Yup. Doesn't have a thing to do with the show anyways.

#21 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

I don't really enjoy the TV show but the TWD game is amazing. Some of the best storytelling in a game I've seen in awhile.

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I don't think one's enjoyment in seeing/playing one is at all dependent on seeing/playing the other. The fact that I personally dislike them both is coincidental, other than the fact that I despise zombie-related stuff and both, obviously, contain zombies.

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No, watch the show, the "game" sucks and is being unbelievably overrated.

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The only thing you might miss out on is the fact that a couple of characters from the show/comic make cameos, but their appearance isn't anything particularly special.

Definitely go for it. The story is well separated from any events in the show or comics, and spoilers aren't a huge issue if you want to read the comics or watch the TV show later. The game also doesn't assume any sort of knowledge of outside Walking Dead fiction and your enjoyment won't be at all affected by not being familiar with it.

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I hated the show. It seemed like over-sentimental, cheesy trash to me. The game, however, is everything the show should've been.

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The show and the game take place in entirely separate universes. It definitely will not be a problem.

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I never watched the show before playing this game, and I'm not even a fan of the whole zombie craze, but I really enjoyed this game. One of my many favorite games of all time. I definitely recommend it.

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Yep. Guess how I felt while playing was completely artificial and unfounded. Thanks for showing me the way, man.

Seriously, "overrated" should be stricken from usage in any argument.

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Yeah you don't need to have watched the show or read the books in order to enjoy the game. The game assumes you know absolutely nothing about the universe and takes it from there.

Also it's real good and you should play it.

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It's tangentially connected to the comics, and not at all with the show so don't worry about it.

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The comics are poorly written, right-wing masturbatory garbage and the show is padded-out, middling quality drama with juvenile gore (obvious caveat: 'IMO'). You don't need to know anything about them to get full enjoyment from the game, which is far better written than either and is a standalone story.

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