XBOX, Saving Issues.

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So, I downloaded Chapter 4 the other day and a few minutes later I let my girlfriends little brother start a game in my 3rd save slot. I tried to play my game that was saved in the first save slot, (I had finished the third episode and was going to start the 4th) but the game keeps loading the 3rd saved game. Then I checked my second save slot and it did the same thing. So it looks like his save saved over all of my games.

Has anyone else experienced this as well and if so have you been able to fix it?


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I had a similar issue but with only one save slot used. Mine is in the first save slot, but the game kept switching to the second slot which was empty. I eventually solved it by copying my save into the second slot and that worked for me. If all your slots are full though, then I'm not sure what you can do.

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Yeah, that's the thing- my first play through was in the first slot, my second (and darker) play through was in the second slot, and then I reserved the third slot for my girl's brother, and now their all his. It's the strangest thing I've seen on XBOX lol. Thanks for the reply.

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