master_prophet's The Walking Dead - Episode 1 (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Perfect Survival Horror In The Most Unconventional Way.

I really wish I could review this as just chapter 1 of The Walking Dead, because I have no idea if the quality of this episodic series will be able to last through its five planned chapters. However if Telltale Games can manage to crank out four more chapters of this that are just as awesome and spellbinding as this experience was in the first chapter, I have no problem plunking down $5 a month for the next several months.

The adventure here starts off parallel to the events depicted in the television show and the comic series, however I would venture to say that this game plays more off the comics then it does the tv show (I haven't read the comics, so don't quote me on that). In it you play as Lee Everett, a man whose past is all sorts of questionable. While I won't spoil the details for you, I will just say that the story itself starts off in a rather unusual direction and ends up even more unusual. Throughout several circumstances, you come across a young girl, Clementine, whose parents left her at home with a babysitter while they went on a vacation. Her parents are presumed dead, although she doesn't know that yet. After rescuing her from the usual zombie trouble, her and Lee head out on their adventure.

At its core, The Walking Dead is a point-and-click style adventure game. It gets a little more in depth then your average point and click, but it never goes over board with it. The most fascinating and excellent part about this whole game is the choice and morality system. This is a fully in-depth game based on your decisions and how you execute them. The decisions can lead in a variety of directions, and everyone who plays this will have made different choices. At the end of the first chapter, I found it extremely interesting to see my ranking based on my decisions, and a percentage of those whom played the game and if they made my decisions or not.

I can't speak for the quality of the other chapters, but you owe it to yourself if you are a fan of either this tv show or the comics to check this out. I can't recommend this experience enough, and at roughly two hours of length, you've probably spend $5 on worse meals then this game.


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