kristofmic's The Walking Dead - Episode 1 (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

EP 1: It Begins With Brains

Like “The Walking Dead” books and television show? Shut up! It doesn’t matter! This game is such a joy and exists wonderfully on its own--the parallels to the other properties enhanced the game nada for me.

The visuals are drawn and painted, which makes for a comic novel-esque vibe that just feels right.

The voice acting serves its purpose, not adding to or detracting from the story. The audio builds suspense but is beautifully subdued and calming when you have a second free from all of those confounded zombies.

And the story, It shines! It’s suspenseful, it’s fraught with drama, conflict, a bit of love, and difficult choices.

The gameplay is meant only as a means to further the story, which like the voice acting, is exactly what this kind of game needs.

Get it!


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