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while it may be pointless to write this review before playing the final chapter of this game, i can tell that if it keeps up this momentum until the end, i may end up balling my eyes out. i have never been one too get emotional playing a game, not until now at least. i will start my review with the actually game play mechanics.

(3.75/5) this game is a point and click adventure game, which means that a large amount of my time would be spent finding creative ways to open a door or ascending something. i would often find myself thinking something like "why do i have to go through the trouble doing that when i could just stand on that barrel and reach it" or "why should i have to find a weapon to bash that zombie when there are pipes EVERYWHERE" i wish that there were as many options to solve problems as there are in situations involving character interaction.

The upside though, is that most of the time, the puzzles have rational explanations, and usually as long as you put thought into it, they can be solved reasonably easily. this game pulls the point and click style off pretty well, and the only problems here are inherent to the genre.

now we get to what matters the most the story.

(5/5) never before have i played a game in which i felt legitimately bad about the decisions i have made. the first chapter of the games is more of an introduction and most of the decisions that i made were an attempt to be the "good guy" as the second chapter came around, i saw that some of the decisions i made did not have as positive of an effect as i had thought they would, as i played it became harder to discern if the choices i made were really "good" or not. by the third installment the line had been almost entirely blurred, there was only decision A, B, or C. what may have been morally good could put someones life at risk, and i started feeling guilty for decisions i had previously had ease making. Characters i had intended to befriend and help turned against me, as the decisions i thought were right hurt them more than help.People i liked started showing there true colours and by the end it felt like i couldnt count on anyone, but myself. by the end, i felt guilty, like i could have done better, but i could not force myself to start over, there story you shaped is your own, and trying to tamper with the decisions i had made would only lessen the experience.

Overall (4.5/5)

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