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EP 1: It Begins With Brains 0

Like “The Walking Dead” books and television show? Shut up! It doesn’t matter! This game is such a joy and exists wonderfully on its own--the parallels to the other properties enhanced the game nada for me.The visuals are drawn and painted, which makes for a comic novel-esque vibe that just feels right.The voice acting serves its purpose, not adding to or detracting from the story. The audio builds suspense but is beautifully subdued and calming when you have a second free from all of those conf...

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On of the most fantastic experiences I had playing a video game 0

Few are the game that make me think about myself not as a player, but as a person. That makes me think about my decisions and whether they are right or wrong. Heck, I don't think there are more game like that than I have fingers on my hand (5, by the way). And The Walking Dead is one of them. When I first heard of this title, I honestly thought that it was Telltale's first stab at an action game. "An adventure game in a zombie world ?", I thought, "How the hell does that even work ? No way." Tur...

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An excellent start that begins on the wrong foot, 1

Honestly, I'm not quite sure what I was thinking with that first review. Going back to replay the episode again (more than once) I found the writing to be flat, some of the branches to just be broken, and the illusion of choice to be incredibly poor.The visuals are god awful for a PC modern game, and an excellent example of style not being enough to hold a game up. The textures are muddy at best, and some of the worst textures I've seen this generation are in this game. The lack of proper AA sup...

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The Walking Dead Review: I'm not fond of zombie games 0

Let me start by saying that I've never been a big fan of the horror genre. Whether it is movies, books, or video games, I generally avoided them. Other than the popular installments in the Resident Evil series, I haven't played any zombie games. Why? Because I get light headed when I see gory things and scary movies truly freak me out.But, I had heard so many good things about The Walking Dead game, and I had just picked up a new iPad and wanted to see what the iOS gaming scene was like. I didn'...

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A Landmark Title for this Generation 0

The Walking Dead is a hard game to review. I feel like the less you know going in the better. If you haven't played this game yet I suggest you do so immediately. If you are still unsure whether this game is for you let me ask you a few simple questions. Is story important to you in a game? Do you like to be tested in making impossible decisions? Would you like to experience how bleak and tragic a zombie apocalypse actually would be? If you answered yes to any of these questions go and play this...

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The Walking Dead 0

This game is the bomb, I mean the zombies look so good they look very realistic that it gives me the chills. This game is pretty fun due to the fact that you have to say one thing or the other, or save one person or the other, and makes the game more exciting. The voice acting are pretty good and sounds like they are in a actual zombie apocalypse which makes this game go and extra mile. This is why this game deserves 5 stars....

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