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OverviewThe Widow Queen is one of the original Brigand Kings, introduced to the game in April 2006. On English oceans she is captain of the crew Silken Sirens and is queen of the flag Black Veil. On the Opal Ocean she is called Die Witwen-Königinand, is captain of the crew Seidene Sirenen and is queen of the flag Schwarzes Netz. On the Jade Ocean she is called La Reina Viuda, is captain of the crew Sirenas de seda and is queen of the flag Velo Negro. 
Her crew is composed entirely of females, who all wear gray bandannas with red hourglass symbols on them. Her symbol is an hourglass with a crown above it. She can be fought in either a rumble or a swordfight and upon defeating her the victors will receive one of four trinkets: an Arsenic Ring, a Jeweled Brooch, a Rose Goddess Perfume or a Silk Handkerchief.  


  • The hourglass which appears on The Widow Queen's eyepatch, in her symbol and on the bandannas of her crew is taken from the red hourglass marking on the back of the black widow spider.

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