Blood Curse bug X360 - Can't progress

#1 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1524 posts) -

Ok so after the ritual with Sabrina the King asks you to meet him in his tent. When I go in there's an NPC standing there whom I can't interact with. When I leave the tent everyone is gone apart from two people tagged 'assassins'. I assume they're supposed to attack me, I can instigate a fight with one of them and deplete all of his health but can't actually kill him. Also if I visit the tent I lose the ability to save the game. I've loaded a slightly older save but it's the same story. The only earlier save in Act 2 is significantly further back, so playing from there with no guarantee that it will work isn't a good option.

Any ideas?

#2 Posted by mak_wikus (624 posts) -

No, sorry :/

Walking into Henselt's tent should trigger a cutscene after which you fight the assassins. I have no idea why the stuff doesn't trigger for you.

#3 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1524 posts) -

@mak_wikus: I've found forum posts with people having the same problem as me, but no solutions unfortunately. Hoping a patch will present itself so I can return to this save, right now I'm following the Iovereth path instead.

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