Chapter 3 Roche: Do these final quests have a time limit? SPOILER

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I talked to King Radovid and ran into another branching path of saving Triss or going with Roche. Then a goldy locks looking chick wants help and says she's only going to wait a bit after I told her I couldn't help her. I don't want to miss out on quests, but I don't want to accidentally wait too long doing other quests and fail to save Triss (if thats even possible).

Is there some kind of time limit on these quests? I decided to see what would happen if I took goldy locks to the boat, but now I'm trying to check out a letter that's a possible forgery. Is this a situation where I have to choose some quests and ditch others or can I do them all? It doesn't feel like I can investigate both the royal girl and boy bastard and not have another quest fail on me. I have a save before the conversation with the king so if I've done something irreversible I can just reload.

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no there's no time limit, there is a choice whether to help triss or help roche though. But you can do that investigation into the children before you have to make a choice.

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I can't speak to the goldy locks woman you mentioned, believe she was new with the enhanced edition which I have yet to play through. But the branching path of save Triss or go with Roche leads to the finale I believe. Don't recall there being a time limit to them, you just eventually have to pick one or the other.

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So the Triss or Roche decision is the point of no return and any other quest that I can access before that is fair game? Roche seemed pretty serious when he said not to take long in making my decision. The goldy locks chick seemed the same way when she said she would wait 1 hour for me at the gate or she would leave on her own. It's the reason why I went to her right away when I still intended to explore the sewers and surrounding area for any other quests I might have missed.

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Yeah, the Triss or Roche decision is the point of no return. Once you initiate one of those quests, it's straight to the end of the game. You have an unlimited amount of time to explore prior to that though.

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No worries.

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Luckily no timed quests in Witcher, hate when games do that

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I see. Thanks people.

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