Demavends Assassination

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(This may be a bit spoilery, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum.)

So after hearing all the awesome about Witcher 2.0, I decided to watch the trailer for the 360 version of the game and I was a bit surprised to see a cutscene that clearly depicts Letho Assassinating Demavend on a ship.

Now, I've only played through once, and I did on Iorveths side. I did miss out a couple of quests here and there, but mainly I got a lot of information about Letho and what was going on. However, I never got so much information about how Demavend actually died. Is this a cutscene from the original Witcher game? Is this brand new for 2.0 and/or the 360 version? I found it really interesting because it really does look like a pretty intense scene, and definitely goes along with Letho saying he barely escaped alive. I wonder if this is new because the scene with Foltest in Vizima looked more like Witcher 2 Foltest than the original. I could be wrong in this, but it's just what I gathered from one trailer.

Here's the trailer for anyone else curious:

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I must have missed it. Timestamp?

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@Tennmuerti: There's not one particular moment. After it leaves from Foltest it does say Demavend on a boat and that scene is repeated multiple times.

0.22 - 0.26 - Letho boarding the boat and throwing a vial at Demavend.

1:36 - 1:42 - Battle on the boat, Letho charges.

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Must be an added scene so people don't get confused... since there isn't that much information about Demavend other than you can see his head during the scene with Iorveth and Letho in the cave.

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If that is exclusive to the xbox version and won't come out to the PC, I will be a sad panda.

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@Tennmuerti: Woops, my bad. I'll edit my OP so that it has the right link.

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@Management said:

If that is exclusive to the xbox version and won't come out to the PC, I will be a sad panda.

It's CD Projekt. It's coming to PC most definitely. Probably in the 2.0 Patch that's coming soon.

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Yeah, I was blown away when I saw the trailer. Looks like a really epic scene and not seen before. I always wondered about Demavend and this is just what we needed.

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