Limited availability of Xbox version?

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Anyone know if the Xbox 360 version is going to have less discs printed than normal releases or otherwise be hard to come by? Between a backlog of games and generally being busy, I was waiting a few months for time to dive in and the eventual price drop to pick this up. But Amazon so far has not been able to keep any in stock and has been selling it for over $60 for the last week, which can be a bad sign.

Between this being a re-release, the original being a somewhat sleeper hit, and the original focus on PC and digital downloads, this does seem ripe for not keeping up with unexpected demand. Any sense if this is going to end up being a rare game and I should pick it up for full price while I still can, or are retailers going to get in new shipments and it'll drop to the $40 sweet spot?

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I am pretty sure you will be fine and you will be able to fine a copy when the price drops.

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