Need to play the first?

#1 Posted by Knibbly (125 posts) -

As the title suggests, is this game easy to pick up without having played the first Witcher? Any important plot that won't be understood?

#2 Posted by ThatFrood (3460 posts) -

There's a lot you won't understand initially that you would have to pick up as you go. Ryan seems to be managing fine though, so go for it regardless.

#3 Posted by Thule (721 posts) -

You'll miss out on not knowing some characters, but in general you should be fine. You'll probably miss some of the references made to what happened in TW1, but the story just stands on it's own.

As far as the plot of TW1: A bunch of things happen that have little to no bearing on the second game's plot, except that Geralt saves King Foltest from a mysterious assasin.

Or just watch this: (No real story spoilers for TW1, but it's the ending cinematic of TW1 and sets the events of TW2 in motion.)

#4 Posted by OdinsThunder (162 posts) -

Just play the first game, it's brilliant in it's on right. Sure it has flaws but it's still among one of the best RPG's ever made. TW2 will still be here, once you're done and you'll easily get through it within in a week or two if you put the hours in. I don't understand why people feel the need to discourgage people from playing the original.
#5 Posted by thornie_delete (441 posts) -

NO.  I didn't play the first and I am having no problem following the story.

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I started playing the original. It feels pretty janky, but I'll persevere, since I keep hearing the game really comes into its own after Chapter 2.

Also - $4.99 on ..!

#7 Posted by TatsurouXIII (696 posts) -

you should play the first regardless. it is awesome, and if you haven't read the books it will give you some insight into the world of the game.

#8 Posted by xyzygy (10595 posts) -

I really wish they'd just release the first game on consoles too. I want to play it so bad

#9 Posted by demonbear (1931 posts) -

Its not an obligation to enjoy tne 2nd one but play it regardless, Witcher 1 is a great rpg. Keep in mind though, the combat system from Witcher 1 has NOTHING to do with Witcher 2. ;)

#10 Posted by Fox318 (68 posts) -
I really wish they'd just release the first game on consoles too. I want to play it so bad
It runs on almost an PC and is cheap at gog now.
#11 Posted by raiz265 (2245 posts) -

I did feel a bit lost in the beginning... And I actually did finish the first game, but that was quite some time ago and the story is deep.

But by the time you're half way through the first chapter you should be totally fine I'd say.
#12 Posted by fox01313 (5175 posts) -

Wouldn't hurt & if you get the enhanced edition you get 2 great soundtracks as well as some other stuff probably less than $20.

One of the better pieces of the inspired soundtrack on the first game

#13 Posted by Anathem (142 posts) -

I'm playing the first at the moment and I'm really struggling with it. The world is just so bleak. I'm ok with dark, but this is depressing and the town at that point in the game is ugly - not tech-wise, but as in it's like a big slum.

I'm on chapter 2, though, so hopefully it's just a slow start. There's so much love for this game, that I'll dig a little further :)

#14 Posted by OdinsThunder (162 posts) -

Playing TW2 without playing the original = FAIL

#15 Posted by CrimsonNoir (412 posts) -
@StrikeALight said:
I started playing the original. It feels pretty janky, but I'll persevere, since I keep hearing the game really comes into its own after Chapter 2.Also - $4.99 on ..!
if i buy from gog can i redeem the cdkey via steam?
#16 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

I would advise against skipping Witcher 1.. it's not like it's old or buggy or bad, it's a fine current-gen game, so go for it !

5 bucks on
#17 Posted by probablytuna (4178 posts) -

I'm currently playing The Witcher before I play the sequel. I tend to play the original before the sequel just so I get to know the major characters and their backgrounds.

#18 Posted by Patman99 (1637 posts) -

I would say to only play the first one if you want to understand the more in depth story bits but you could play The Witcher 2 without any knowledge of the first and get along just fine

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I read a story synopsis of the first game which gave me all I needed to know.  I'm not sitting through 40 hours of an old game, which looks rather dull at that, when I have a new game in front of me that is much better.  I've had no trouble understanding the story and have been having a great time with the sequel.  Playing the first is not needed.

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No - you don't need to play the first Witcher to enjoy the second.

While I grew to appreciate the first Witcher, it ain't a 'must play' in my book.

The Witcher 2 on the other hand... MUST PLAY!

#21 Posted by OdinsThunder (162 posts) -

It's a must play, don't listen to these fools.
#22 Posted by altairre (1406 posts) -

You really should play the first Witcher. I played through it for the second time recently to prepare for TW2 and it still holds up and is enjoyable.

#23 Posted by Sticky_Pennies (2031 posts) -

It helps, but once you start playing TW2, you can reference the journal which gives decently in-depth information about everything.

#24 Posted by Aramyn89 (18 posts) -
@OdinsThunder said:
It's a must play, don't listen to these fools.
It's really not.  Sure it's a good game in it's own rights but to say you HAVE to play it first to enjoy the second is not true, at all.  And name calling makes you look like a child by the way, people are allowed an opinion.

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