Pc Build for Witcher 2

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yes it's a good enough build to run the game at ultra minus ubersampling.

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@Marz: @rebgav: Thanks guys good to know
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Go nvidia. Other than that, yes.

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@OracleXIII:  Can you recommend a good nvidia card for witcher 2 that's in a similar price range?
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@Blasko1223: 6970 is fine, I have it and it run the game without a problem.

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@Blasko1223 said:
@OracleXIII:  Can you recommend a good nvidia card for witcher 2 that's in a similar price range?
Sounds like its direct competitor is the Nvidia GTX580.
Honestly, I prefer Nvidia cards and they are worth the premium that you pay. Up to you.
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@Aus_azn: After trying out both Nvidia and AMD GPU's I'll say Nvidia has a far better control panel, but I prefer AMD.

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@Blasko1223: Everone loves benchmarks, these are on the second highest setting. I use 6870 crossfire and it's not too shabby, single card performance was pretty good and it doesn't use much power. If you can you should go for the 69XXs or Nvidia equivalent.

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@SmashedControllers said:

@Aus_azn: After trying out both Nvidia and AMD GPU's I'll say Nvidia has a far better control panel, but I prefer AMD.

I remember in the old days, Nvidia cards were leaps and bounds better than their ATI counterparts. Nowadays, the technical gap has lessened significantly.
I don't OC my cards, but my friend asserts that Nvidia-based cards OC better than AMD's offerings, but AMD just prices so much lower that it's not really worth the difference for the greater reliability that Nvidia purportedly offers.
I don't plan on upgrading for a long while (repping a GTX260 and i7-920 system), so I'm going to see. I'm not closed-minded to the extent that I'm not going to consider AMD in my next update, especially if the money talks.
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I'm thinking of going with either the 6870 or 6950. Which card has the best price-to-performance ratio? Obviously the 6950 is better, but I'm not sure if its worth the extra money
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@Blasko1223: oh shit you say 6870, my bad. Both are good, my friend's playing ultra-uber, with his ATI Radeon HD 4670 (at 1280x720)

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Save up a bit more cash and get a GTX 560 or GTX 560 TI, the 6870 would struggle a bit to play it max @ 1080P

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@Blasko1223: Go for the 6950. The difference is worth it.
@Badhands:  The 560 Ti is Nvidia's equivalent of the 6870. It's more expensive, but it's not better performance-wise.
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@SlasherMan: It performs better in most new games, it is also more quiet and not as hot, overclocks better, the list of pros goes on and on. Also The Witcher 2 is optimized for Nvidia graphics cards.
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@Badhands: That's not what the benchmarks say. The 6950 has the upper hand in most titles. 
The 560 Ti's cooler's less noisy and it might overclock better, sure. The latter's irrelevant if OP is not into overclocking GPUs, though. 

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I am Running the 560ti in SLI mode.  I have everything enabled except V-Sync, Dangling object limit,  Uber-sampling.  Running 1920x1200.  All stock, no overclocking.  I would say my FPS is usually in the 50s-70s.  Battle and heavy scenes i could dip as low as high 30s.  Pretty happy with the setup.  The game just is stunning every time I play it.  I end up taking so many screenshots with Fraps b/c I am amazed.

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Now I'm wondering if I should go with the gtx 470 because of this benchmark : (I think its the same one that you posted)

http://www.techspot.com/review/405 [...] page5.html

It seems odd that the gtx 470 outperforms the 6950. I thought the 6950 was the better card.

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@Blasko1223: The GTX 470 is being phased out and has been replaced by the 560 Ti. It runs hot, it is power hungry, it is loud and it's an older architecture, therefore is not a good buy. The 560 Ti does not have those issues.
On average, the HD 6950 can be considered faster than those two. If you look at more than one benchmark you'll notice they tend to trade blows, but most of the time the 6950 will be ahead.
Check the Tom's Hardware hierarchy chart here:
As you can see, both the GTX 470 and 560 Ti are equivalent, while the 6950 is a rank above. The 6950 has also been the recommended card for its price range in that same article.

AMD dropped half of the Radeon HD 6950's onboard memory to give us this 1 GB flavor, and the price fell accordingly. At $245, there really isn't any competition for this powerful, yet relatively low-priced graphics card. It outperforms the GeForce GTX 560 Ti in enough situations, on average, to score the sole recommendation.

That's of course a month ago, so prices may have shifted enough to favor the 560 Ti. Check the prices at the store you're getting your parts from and choose what to buy accordingly.
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@SlasherMan:  So would the 6950 be the card to get then? Also, is it worth getting a 2gb version over a 1gb version?
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@Blasko1223: For 1920x1080, the 2GB version won't do much (generally much more useful for 2560x1600). Go for the 1GB model.
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@Badhands said:

Save up a bit more cash and get a GTX 560 or GTX 560 TI, the 6870 would struggle a bit to play it max @ 1080P

No it wouldn't. It is what I have and I play everything maxed minus Ubersampling obviously.

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@SlasherMan:  I think I'm goona go with the 6950. Should i get the 1gb or 2 gb version?
Is it woth it to have an extra 1gb of vram?
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I got a question, i have a Mid-2010 15'' mac with i5 and 4 gigs of ram and the wierd NVIDIA chipset that comes with this... i think its 330m so yeah. I would like, play this on my Windows bootcamp, do you guys think it will run like in medium settings 45 - 50 fps.. and most importantly... will i have those sweet hair physics going on?

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playing this on ultra 1920x1200 With ubersampling on and a steady 40 fps with a radeon hd 6990 4gb,i7 2600k and 8 gig ram

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With the newest version of The Witcher 2 running ubersampling isn't that bad of a performance hit anymore as long as you have Nvidia video.

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