The game won't launch

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when I click play in steam the pop-up appears saying "prepare to launch the witcher 2" and then closes a second latter. I have tried to verify the files, re-downloading, turning off antivirus, antivirus exclusions, running steam as admin, running the game as admin. Nothing works so please if anyone has any ideas im all for it

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Whats your PC specs? Or video card?

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intel i7 2.93 GHz

4gb ram

Geforce GTX 470

win 7 64 bit

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Have you tried the Steam forums?
Have you tried to restart your computer? (installed software frequently needs  a restart before starting to function properly) 
Are your GFX drivers updated?
Have you tried lunching the game launcher itself outside of Steam?

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"- turning off Steam Community and running the game from witcher2.exe file location in bin folder in The Witcher 2 installation directory. "
From the sites Faq thats the only thing you didnt mention.
 So i dont know, have you updated .NET framework and Directx? (Steam should do that for you though) 
EDIT: Also if you have really high resolution on your desktop, try lowering that and then start it.
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did all of that stuff. I've tried everything that was mentioned in the steam forum and the support FAQ. Only thing I can think of is norton antivirus is fucking me over. Im emailing the support guys now to see what they say.

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