CD Projekt Red says Witcher 3 will have absolutely no DRM

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<3 CD Projekt Red

#52 Posted by TowerSixteen (554 posts) -

Does this really matter? I mean, obtrusive DRM sucks, but plenty of games have it in a way that impacts me not at all (especially through steam) and it does cut down on piracy numbers- by a lot. If it doesn't impact your experience I don't see why you would give a fuck about DRM, and frankly, if it helps combat piracy (and it does, in most cases) then I'm all for its responsible use.

I'm gonna be given them my money, but that's because they make good games. I don't see this as a reason to swoon.

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CD Projeckt Red continues to be the best fucking developer out there.

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@zeik: You do realise that be so vehemently opposing this statement of theirs, you have become part of the DRM crazies yourself?

This is great news for those who are into all the anti-DRM stuff. It doesn't effect me (I will buy on Steam regardless) but I'm happy its their for people who feel it necessary.

I am not "vehemently opposing it". I thought I made that clear. I don't actually care that much about the issue, the way they did this just kind of bugged me a bit. That's all.

This is what I hate about the Internet. An innocuous comment spirals out of control way too goddamn easily.

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Great! I for one like my Steam DRM.

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@kishinfoulux said:

Absolutely no DRM...except Steam. >_>

Only if you choose to buy it on Steam.

I don't understand why you'd bother even saying that when you clearly don't care enough about the issue to know that CDPR always puts their games out on GOG (which has zero DRM) as well. But I guess the allure of looking like a snarky internet badass always beats being a reasonable, educated person.

Wow offended much? Saying absolutely no DRM means just that. I'm pointing out the obvious. And I'd say that description is more fitting for you right now. I'll be sure to watch what I say next time Billy Badass.

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