Witcher 3: New wallpaper, videos and hidden messages

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Dat Witcher 3 during the Xbone snoozefest made me crap my diaper!

So here's a bunch of stuff I found online just now:

  • HD version of that trailer:
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  • This hidden message flashes across the screen in that trailer near the end:

Week 1 goody: (wallpaper)

You can find other resolutions in the link above
  • Fresh new making-of video: (5 minutes)
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  • And a new screenshot:


I can't freaking wait, this game on my PC next year is gonna be the bomb!

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wow, looks amazing! Guess I'll be upgrading my PC then :)

PS Geralt looks awesome with a beard

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  • Takes off pants.
  • Prepares lube.
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I love Geralt's new look.

Damn, I really need to finish Witcher 2!

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I am excited for The Witcher 3. If the quality increase between the first and second game are any indication of how much the third game will improve upon its predecessor, I do believe The Witcher 3 will likely turn out to be the best thing in RPGs to date. Dream come true RPG indeed. Looking forward to living the dream!

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Cannot be more excited for this.

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