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What a Game! Witcher's mature and deep story is sure to keep your

I just finished this game five minutes ago, and what can i say?
The Witcher is Such a great game ! I'll start with the pros and cons:

Amazing, memorable and moving story with many twists.
Moral dilemmas.
Amazing cinematics that supplement the story.
Great medieval music.
Fun combat and alchemy system.
Believable and memorable characters.
Interesting sidequests.
Etc,etc... there are so many points, i can't write them all..

Sometimes inventory fills up quickly, but that happens in every other rpg.
Short but frequent loads.
There must be more cons...but i just can't remember them... maybe the Enhanced Edition removed those...

In The Witcher you play as Geralt of Rivia, or the famed white wolf. As a Witcher, a human subjected to mutations, it is your job to free the lands of monsters and to protect the people.

This hardly remains an objective in the game as you are pulled into a world of very realistic political and social troubles. As a Witcher, you don't belong to any of the sides caught in the conflicts, but it is your wish to either side with one of them, or remain neutral.

The game will throw towards you, what i would like to call, the most confusing situations ever in gaming history. In this world, nothing is right or wrong, it's just the lesser evil, and that depends on the witcher's point of view.

One of the major moral dilemmas, for instance, includes siding with either one of the sides in the ongoing war,- Humans or Non-humans (elves & dwarves mostly), in a battle in which both sides believe their cause to be just, or remaining neutral as a Witcher should.
You even have to choose which girl you love more at one point in the game!

Putting aside the decision making, the game gets etched in your memory forever due to the amazing cutscenes. Most of them are animated, but those between major parts of the game are narrated through paintings, (like that in the game Fable) which gives the story a very amazing feel.

The music changes from beautiful village type melodies to mysterious scores till great rock music in boss battles.

After finishing the game you'll probably feel a little bad as well since you've put an end to the experience, but don't worry Witcher 2 is probably on the way!

To finish it all, I can only say that this game is probably one of the most amazing rpgs ever, be it in terms of combat, alchemy, story, gameplay, whatever.

Thank you for your time...

Posted by Claude

Yeah, I pretty much loved the Witcher.

Posted by demonbear

Great game, great review. If you are reading this, stop reading now and buy the Witcher. Do it.
You could've also mentionned in your review that this game is inspired by the writings of  Andrzej Sapkowski, a polish fantasy writer and the entire dev team was also from Poland, which gives this nice original vibe.

Posted by armaan8014
@demonbear: Yeah I actually missed out quite a few things worth mentioning, such as the combat system, alchemy etc.  I just ended up writing about the things which had most affected me after the game...

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