Episode 3 Discussion (SPOILERS!!!)

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#51 Edited by Sessh (1548 posts) -
  • Didn't interrupt the eulogy. (That one just seemed obvious, with Snow being there and it being a damn funeral.)
  • I went to the Trip Trap. (Since if I didn't, I thought it would mean Bluebeard going there. And let's be real, he would have made a mess.)
  • Offered Flycatcher a job. (He's destined for greater things, anyways. Read the comics.)
  • I burnt the Tree. (No sympathy for that bitch. She's a criminal, a coward and she told everything she knew, so she was also of limited use.)
  • I didn't kill Dum. (Would have definitely killed him if Snow wasn't there, but since she was, I didn't want her to see Bigby giving in to his animal side.)

Overall I thought this episode was a lot better than the last one.

#52 Edited by LackingSaint (1992 posts) -

@ethanielrain said:


I didn't hear her say anything about that, thanks for clarifying. Still really disappointing, though. The character development in this series has been pretty strong IMO, but here they fall into that old cliché of "this new character is super ultra bad and you can tell because she has more power in her pinky than anything else the protagonist has ever encountered combined!" type thing.

Ah well, 1% of the game being bad so far still leaves it being pretty awesome :)

As much as I also hate that trope, I feel like it was totally justified here. She's cocky because she's well-prepared and has clearly been informed of exactly what Bigby's weaknesses are, having both a gun with silver bullets and the Woodman's axe. If it really were just "Oh man she's so bad-ass" it'd be pretty dumb, but in this case it actually was kind of smart of her to use exactly what has been established as the best things to take down Bigby. Besides, Bigby did just beat the everloving fuck out of two huge dudes with shotguns, I don't think his rampage was disappointing at all.

#53 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

@sessh said:
  • Didn't interrupt the eulogy. (That one just seemed obvious, with Snow being there and it being a damn funeral.)

How do you even do this? I kept saying nothing but then at the very end, I did it about 4 times and the same thing was being repeated, so I then interrupted it.

I think I might've encountered some kind of bug because I sure as hell didn't interrupt it, still got told off though.

#54 Posted by Sessh (1548 posts) -

@sooty: Well, yes that seems like a bug, since Snow does obviously get done with her eulogy at some point and then just walks over to you.

You do get scolded for simply coming to the funeral, nevertheless. Which does make sense.

#56 Posted by Robopengy (515 posts) -

Framing Crane? Cutting of heads? It's the Headless Horseman! I'm saying it now, even if other people have said it before!

Also I've been playing Bigby as a guy trying to fix his ways in light of seeing how everyone hates him. Violence is an option but I'm not killing anyone, if that "non-lethal" play through keeps going during the next few episodes, it remains to be seen :P

#57 Edited by LegendaryChopChop (1319 posts) -

- I didn't interrupt the eulogy (who would?).

- I went to the Trip Trap, Crane's appartment, then the Dum's office

- I offered Flycatcher a job.

- I didn't burn the tree because of the heritage aspect and that something like that can always be useful in some regards.

- I didn't kill Dum, as much as I wanted to. Not killing people in Telltale games always comes back to benefit, plus Bigby is a changed man, he took the high road. The Dum's learned their lesson, I feel, and might end up helping later on in the game now that we've got a true villain revealed.

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