Fullscreen Problems with Steam Version. Help Me!

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Hey guys, I downloaded episode 2 of Wolf Among Us when it came out and continue to have an error with the Steam version. Episode 1 worked perfectly. This is a brand new problem with Episode 2. When I start the game fullscreen, no matter the resolution, the screen in zoomed in really close so I only see about half of the full picture. I could play it windowed but I really don't want to. Plus I shouldn't have to.

So far, I've tried to verify the cache and all the files were validated. I uninstalled and re-installed the game and still had the same issue. It doesn't matter if I have a controller in or not (apparently that has some random effect with some people with this game). I have the latest version of my graphics drivers installed. I've messed with every setting but still the game is zoomed in while set to fullscreen. I looked through Google and found a solution for people who use Macs (something to do with 'graphics automatic switching' or something of that sort) but I use Windows 7.

So, do you guys have any guesses as to a fix besides waiting around for a patch?

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